HTC Supposedly Enlists Robert Downey Jr. For Their Next Marketing Blitz

HTC was the biggest Android manufacturers a couple of years ago, unfortunately with the emergence of Samsung they have seen their market share dwindle over the past couple of years to a mere shadow of its former self. Fortunately over the past couple of months HTC has adopted a new strategy to reassert themselves in the […]

Motorola’s Moto X Specifications Have Been Leaked

When Google spent $12.5 billion on purchasing Motorola Mobility last year users were expecting the acquisition to pump new life into the flailing company. However it has been over a year since the acquisition and we have yet to see the fruits of their labour which has led some to question the wisdom behind the purchase. While a couple of […]

Samsung Plan to Launch 12.2-inch Tablet; Beat Apple to the Punch

Smaller 7-inch devices appear to be ruling the tablet space with the highly successful Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire leading other companies, including Apple, to adopt the smaller more portable form factor over the larger 10.1-inch form factor. Despite the market for smaller, cheaper tablets, recently a rumor has emerged that Apple is planning a […]

Seagate Demos Their New Ultra-Thin Tablet Hard Drives at Computex 2013

When it comes to computer hard drives there are only two companies that come to mind, Western Digital and Seagate. With the increasing demands of consumers for more storage in their devices, hard drives do seem the obvious choice for manufacturers to increase storage capacity without causing prices to skyrocket. While hard drives do provide […]

New Report Suggests HTC are Looking At Liquidmetal For New Smartphone Casings

A new report suggests that HTC will be cooperating with fellow Taiwanese company Jabon International on their next smartphone. Jabon will be supplying the Liquidmetal chassis to HTC and their labors are expected to come to fruition in the second half of 2013. HTC is not the first company to delve into the possibilities that Liquidmetal could […]

The Nexus Q is Stilled Trapped In Limbo

The Nexus Q was one of Google’s rare misses. The ‘first social streaming media player’ was announced along with the Nexus 7 back at Google I/O 2012, while the Nexus 7 became quite a success story and is probably what has led to the emergence of the 7-8 inch budget tablet market. The fate of the Nexus […]

NEC introduces the world’s first liquid-cooled smartphone, the Medias X

The world of liquid-cooling electronic devices is typically reserved for high end gaming desktops and supercomputers running insane clocks speeds and voltages to maximise the performance of the hardware. The extra heat generated as a result of hardware being pushed to its limits leads to increased thermal output that require the thermal properties of liquids […]

Samsung accounts for 95% of all Android Device Profits, According to Analysts

When you say Android, most people think Samsung. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Samsung is not only the biggest Android device manufacturer, but also the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world with their successful Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S4 looks set to continue this trend with 10 million devices forecast to be sold by […]

Huawei’s Gorgeous P6-U06 Leaks Out Again; Flaunting Its Brushed Metal Body

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Samsung and their continue insistence on using plastic in the design of their devices leading to cheap looking and feeling device. On the other hand we have Huawei, which historically is not a brand synonymous with premium products instead tending to focus on low-end, budget device. Huawei’s latest device the P6-U06 […]

Sony Xperia A Passes through FCC with Removable Battery

The Sony Xperia Z was released a mere 3 months ago yet its days as Sony’s flagship device are now numbered. The new rumored Xperia A has just passed FCC testing under the codename SO-04E and will be released as part of the summer lineup of Japan’s NTT DoCoMo carrier. The new phone will share a lot […]

Can Samsung Improve The Exynos 5 Octa With A Software Update?

    The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has been one the most talked about and anticipated devices of 2013 yet recent reports of the device have been far from positive. The two most touted features of the Galaxy S4, the Exynos 5 Octa that powers one-third of Galaxy S4s and the 5 inch AMOLED display that powers their devices have both been subject to criticism with display ghosting and a less […]

Sorry BlackBerry, The US Defense Department Has Approved The Use of Samsung’s Galaxy Line

Samsung and Apple are the two biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, yet despite their size and popularity they have gained little traction in governments when compared to Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry. President Barack Obama’s smartphone of choice is the BlackBerry over the ever popular Samsung Galaxy  and Apple iPhone. The reason for BlackBerry’s popularity among government officials and […]