AH PrimeTime – This Just In: Google Glass Makes Nerds Look Nerdy

Google Glass has just now began to creep out into the world and already we are seeing sites and blogs created for the sole purpose of poking fun at how those that wear the niche Google product look to passersby. The similarities between Google Glass and geek mainstays such as the pocket protector, the Segway, […]

Developer Outs Google Glass Sensors; Shows Augmented Reality Potential

Before Google Glass was first announced at last year’s Google i/O, seemingly most reports about the niche product form Google’s X-Labs were around Glass’ potential to be an augmented reality powerhouse with features such as map overlays and games that would utilize Glass as a second screen. Since then though, many have seemed to be […]

Xperia ZL Gets Lower in Price and A Big Surprise From Sony

Hey there lovers of Sony smartphones, boy do we have some great news for you tonight, and I will get straight to it. The Sony Xperia ZL that you all know and love and is our United States sit-in for the Sony flagship of 2013, the Xperia Z, has been given a price cut in the […]

World Domination: What it Would Take for Google Fiber to Rule the World

Google started it’s rollout of Google Fiber on March 30, 2011 by announcing that Kansas City, Kansas would be a test-bed for a new breed of internet service. This was announced after over 1,100 different cities and towns across the United States applied to be in partnership with Google as an internet service provider. Google would […]

Get Ready for Another Ride on the Patent War Train

I think we are all ready for another round of patent trials, as it has been rather quiet on that front for a bit longer than we have been used to recently. Today though we have a tidbit of news on just when Samsung and Apple will square off yet again in this seemingly endless […]

Intel Gets Serious About Android Expect $200 Intel/Android Notebooks Soon

Intel is well known for their chips having been gracing the motherboards of computers everywhere for a very long time now. Lately though, we have seen Intel chips starting to show up in Windows 8 powered devices such as the Ativ tablet by Samsung and phones such as the  Intel XOLO and the ZTE Geek. Now, it […]

Delay Woes Continue for U.S. Carriers of the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 announcement was received with much fanfare and even more skepticism, and as we move toward and past original launch dates, some carriers in the United States have not even given a solid date for the release of the device after the original date was pushed back due to Samsung delays. What does […]

HTC One Gets its First Update to Improve on the UltraPixel Camera

It looks as if the acclaimed UltraPixel camera in the HTC One will be seeing various bug fixes and improvements as part of an over-the-air update to the European version of the handset. Also, the update will address bugs in and tweak the overall performance of the device. The device will remain at 4.1 Jelly […]

The Future of Andy Rubin at Google According to CEO Larry Page

It has now been just over one month since Google announced that Andy Rubin would no longer be heading the Android division of which he was the co-creator. This news came as a shock to many of us in the Android community, and since the move Andy’s future endeavors at Google have remained shrouded in […]

T-Mobile HTC One Shows up Sans T-Mo Branding

It was just earlier today that we first learned of the release date for the T-Mobile version of the HTC One, and we already are seeing the first shots of this model of the handset and its packaging hitting the net. TMO News has uncovered pictures of the device and the box that it will […]

ASUS Qube GTV Box will Finally be Released by the End of This Month

Good news for all of you Google TV fans out there, because today we finally have a release date for the newest addition to the ASUS GTV line-up. In case you might have forgotten about this geometric jewel that was first announced by ASUS way back at the Consumer Electronics Show, and I know that […]

Featured Review: Boss Vinyl Skins for the LG Nexus 4 from dbrand [Giveaway]

Editors Note: This review was conducted and compiled by Alex Maxham and Nathan Harbin together. dbrand was established 11.11.11 and since then have become the go to brand for skinning your popular electronics. They have been producing skins for the Apple iPhone and iPad for all of their existence, and I can tell you from […]

In a World of ONE’s and S4’s, We Give the Xperia Z a Second Look

The HTC ONE and the Samsung Galaxy S4 can easily eclipse any of your other options when it comes to purchasing a smartphone this year, but don’t you all remember the pair of handsets that were the mobile products of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year? Yes, we are talking about the ones from […]