Lenovo’s President Doesn’t Think Android on Windows Will Work – And He’s Right

Lenovo is the world’s largest PC manufacturer right now, who’s also taken a lot of interest in making Android tablets and phones lately, but its president has arrived at the conclusion that Android will never work combined with Windows. That’s actually not very different from what I’ve already said. “I don’t see it [Intel’s Android on […]

What To Expect with the Snapdragon 410, 605A, 802, and 805 Chips in 2014!

Qualcomm has recently announced 4 chips that’s going to use in 2014 (they may still launch new ones towards the end of the year, though): Snapdragon 410, Snapdragon 802, Snapdragon 805, and Snapdragon 602A. Snapdragon 410 This chip is composed of a 64-bit quad-core 1.2 Ghz Cortex A53 CPU, which is the successor of the quad-core […]

PlayStation Now Games Will Require a DualShock 3 Controller

Sony has recently announced the PlayStation Now project, which is a way for Sony to stream PlayStation games to people on TVs, tablets and even smartphones. However, apparently there’s a catch: you need a DualShock 3 controller in order to play these games. For the PS4 and the PSVita, you can obviously use their own […]

Devices With The 32-Bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 To Start Shipping In May

Qualcomm has revealed to a Japanese publication that the first devices with its new Snapdragon 805 chip will start appearing in May this year. That sounds like it should be ready just in time for some new flagships such as the Galaxy S5 and HTC One Plus (or whatever HTC’s new flagship will be called). […]

Chromebooks May Be Receiving Some Mid-Range Options Soon

So far we’ve only really seen low-end sub-$300 Chromebooks (if you don’t count the first-gen Atom-based Chromebooks that had terrible performance and cost $400 or more, that is) and the one and only Chromebook Pixel that costs something like $1,300 or more. There hasn’t really been a mid-range option that offers not just a good […]

Sony “Castor” Tablet Leaks Out with New Qualcomm Chip and 4G Option

It seems Sony’s almost entire 2014 line-up is getting leaked, and after we got some rumors about the Sony Sirius smartphone flagship, it’s now turn for their high-end tablet, called “Castor”, which seems like the successor to the Xperia Z tablet. The tablet will apparently come with many of the same specs as the Sirius […]

Imagination Unveils the New PowerVR Series6XE Entry-Level GPUs

PowerVR Series6 is Imagination’s new unified shader and OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible GPU architecture, and was launched last year, and most famously used in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini. This year at CES, they’ve just launched the improved PowerVR Series6XT, which should be roughly 50 percent more powerful than the previous series […]

RCA to Launch Low-Cost Android-Based UHD TVs

The 4k TVs, or rather the UHD TVs (if you want to be really accurate about it), are coming, but RCA is going to do more than just launch some regular UHD TVs. It’s going to launch some with the Android TV platform (formerly known as Google TV), which apparently is going to come out […]

Qualcomm to Demo New Ultrasound-Based Pen Technology at CES 2014

Qualcomm wasn’t about to just let Samsung and Nvidia own that portion of the tablet market that is stylus-enabled. Samsung has been the dominant player in the stylus market for years, because they were the only ones to make pens that actually worked accurately enough to be useful for handwriting and drawing on a tablet. […]

The Android-Based “CryptoPhones” Are Coming

Here’s some good news in early 2014 about the whole NSA mass spying situation – companies that are building ultra-secure smartphones are starting to pop-up, because now they will have a substantial market of people, not just from government officials, who I’m sure will take their mobile conversations’ security a lot more seriously from now […]

Mediatek to Show New Chips at CES, Including A Tiny Chip for Wearables

Mediatek has been on a roll lately, especially since not only have many of the other chip makers (with the exception of Qualcomm), almost given up on the high-end chip market (Nvidia, Samsung, TI), but the low-end market has also been completely ignored by the better known chip makers. This allowed Mediatek to become entrenched […]