Top New Android Games Of The Week: July 3rd

A number of new games launched this week onto the Play Store and if you’re looking for a few titles which might be able to help you kill some time during this 4th of July holiday weekend, check out the list below for some great new additions to the Android gaming scene. The Silver Bullet […]

Google’s Chrome For Android Reaches A Billion Installs

There are loads of different apps available on the Play Store now, but it wasn’t always the case some years ago. Now with Android having well over a million different apps available for users and still climbing on a daily basis, it’s easy to find an app that can suits everyone’s tastes. Some apps are […]

AH Weekly Poll: Would You Buy An Android Powered BlackBerry Venice?

Over this past week we have seen the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Venice start to heat up. Rumors of the first Android-powered BlackBerry have been around for a while, but very recently some details began to leak shedding light on the possible name of the phone, the Venice, and just yesterday a couple more leaks popped […]

Fallout Shelter Is Looking At A Tentative August Launch

News of Bethesda’s upcoming game in their popular post-apocalyptic franchise, Fallout 4, was announced back at the beginning of E3 in June. Bethesda didn’t just officially announce the next major game in the Fallout series though, they also released a mobile game called Fallout Shelter in which you’ll be tasked with managing a few people […]

Doodle Makes Scheduling Group Events Quick And Painless

Our everyday lives can be hectic, and that chaotic fast paced feeling can sometimes only increase during the Summer when more people tend to plan vacations, work events, family outings, road trips with friends and more. This is where scheduling apps can be a very useful tool to have on hand and with the presence […]

AH Tech Talk: Google Product Testing And The Method Of “Dogfooding”

Testing products internally is a pretty normal practice for many companies, and while beta testing with individual consumers is also a good idea, it’s almost a better idea to make sure everything humanly possible is ironed out before those products or services are handed off to outsiders. This is typically how Google tests many of […]

Rumored Blackberry Android Phone Image Leaks

Rumors of a Blackberry device powered by the Android operating system have been floating around for a while now, but just over the last few weeks to a month things have started to take shape. There is now a rumored name for the device which is currently being referred to as the Blackberry Venice, and […]

Featured: Top 10 Best Android Games For Kids

With Google’s recent introduction of the family-friendly category in the Play Store that focuses on highlighting games and apps which are perfect for parents, kids, and families alike, it’s only fitting that we focus on some of the best games for kids. Here are some of the best and most popular we could find. Frozen […]

Deal: 16GB Unlocked Moto X 2nd Gen. For $289.99

The second generation Moto X from Motorola was a series of great improvements over the first model, with a bigger, brighter display that carried a higher resolution, a better camera, and a design touch up to give it a fresh look. It’s still one of the best devices which Motorola has put out, and if […]

Video For Android Wear Is A YouTube Player For Your Watch

Android Wear continues to increase in functionality as more and more apps are released which are either compatible with the platform, or designed and built specifically for it. One of the latest things you’ll see available for Google’s smartwatch OS is a new app called Video for Android Wear and YouTube, and if the title […]

Swappa Brings Used Phone Sales To Android

Selling your old and pre-owned devices whether they be smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches is something which can be done a number of different ways. Commonly used online markets like eBay and Craigslist have served as a means for selling off old devices for years, but one of the easiest and fastest, as well as painless […]

Google Fixes Data Cap Issue With Google Photos

Google’s newly reported photo service which made its debut at Google IO this year was met with plenty of excitement for more than a few reasons, including what was probably going to gain it the most attention, unlimited free storage of all your photos. The app and service has been available to users for about […]

TRI Announces Turing Phone Pre-Orders Begin July 31st

Unique smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, but few offer something truly unique which others do not. The Turing Phone from Turing Robotic Industries for example comes with the world’s first liquid metal-frame, or as TRI describes it, a Liquidmorphium smartphone. A device with a metal body will be just another device with a […]

AT&T Moto E LTE Soak Test Begins For Android 5.1

Today has been a rather big day for software updates across devices, and this week so far has been a big week for updates from Motorola in particular. Over the last few days, Motorola has been making the rounds on their device lineup for the devices which were confirmed to be getting an upgrade to […]

Rumored Leaked Image Surfaces Of Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is still all but official, but there are no lack of rumors and leaks over the unconfirmed handset. Just earlier this morning it was discovered that Samsung has applied to trademark “S6 Edge+” which is still not a confirmation or direct formal response saying the device exists and is being worked […]

Verizon Updates Nexus 6 To Android 5.1.1 Build

Verizon Wireless seems to be on a roll with software updates today. Usually, Wednesdays are filled with updates from Google on handfuls of their various apps, but on this particular Wednesday in July, Verizon has been making the rounds sending out updates to a collection of their devices. Earlier, DROID Turbo owners began seeing their […]

Android 5.0 Lollipop Comes To Verizon Galaxy Note Edge

Verizon Wireless just began pushing Android 5.1 Lollipop to Motorola DROID Turbo users today after announcing yesterday they would start the update roll outs on July 1st, but the Motorola phone isn’t the only one seeing the update treatment as it appears Verizon has also started pushing out the updates for Android Lollipop to the […]