Google Search Populated Directions Not Loading In Maps

Not everyone can be a human GPS system, but in this day and age most people don’t need to as they have helpful tools like Google Maps to help them along. For all the features Maps gives to users and for all its usefulness, it isn’t exempt from flaws and glitches as generally no software […]

Sony Xperia China Teases Xperia Z4 With May 26th Event Date

Sony officially announced the existence of the Xperia Z4 flagship device last month, although it only received confirmation on a Japanese release. There are rumors that Sony could launch this device in the west under a different name but they haven’t yet confirmed any such details suggesting the Xperia Z4 will launch in the U.S. […]

Top Android Games Of The Week May 21st

If you’re always on the hunt for new games to tackle over the weekend, each week we bring you some of the best new games that released in the current week. Here are our picks from this week’s games which have launched onto the Play Store. Sunburn! This is an interesting one, and seemingly another retro […]

The UI Update For The Chrome Version Of Hangouts Is Live

Back at the beginning of May a new version of the desktop (Chrome) version of the Hangouts application appeared on the web in the form of some screenshots that were showcasing a new design. That new design is now live for all desktop Hangouts users should they want it. Prior to this new redesign of […]

Featured Review: Pelican ProGear Protector Case For The Galaxy S6

Similar to the case review from yesterday we have another case today from Pelican ProGear. This time around the case is a little less clunky since it’s part of Pelican’s Protector series, so it’s essentially a dual-layered case with a protective tough back for the outside and a softer rubberized material for the inside of […]

Android How-To: Personalize The Navigation Bar On The HTC One M9

With the introduction of on-screen navigation buttons in Android, it was only going to be so long before some of the manufacturers begun to give users options on customizing them. This has long been possible for those who had the courage and the know-how to root their devices and flash custom ROMs, but just in […]

Featured: Top 10 Games May 2015 Edition

Each month we try to round up the best games that have recently launched and throw them into this list for you to check out. There were quite a few great games that came out in the month of May, so we narrowed it down to the top 10. There’s a bit of action, a […]

YouTube Gains 60fps Support Plus 60fps Live Streaming

YouTube is many things. A revolutionary way the world now shares videos of all types, including games, songs, cooking recipes, guitar lessons, you name it. If you can dream it up, chances are you can probably find it on YouTube. One thing that YouTube is not, or at least was not, is a viable option […]

Google Makes Chrome For Android More Open Source

Google has finally made most of Chrome for Android open source, making it more possible than ever for people to take the code from the Chrome for Android apps and use it to build their own browsers. Google states that making this possible took lots of hard work and some huge changes to make it […]

Deal: Huge Chromebook Sale on eBay $138, $160 and $170

Chromebooks are still some of the most popular laptops out on the market right now simply because they’re relatively inexpensive and they’re capable. They now allow users to do just about the same amount of tasks as any traditional Windows or Mac-based laptop but at a fraction of the cost. The most popular brand of […]

Android 5.1.1 Factory Images For 2012/2013 Nexus 7 Mobile Are Up

Google started rolling out updates today for Android 5.1.1 to a number of different Nexus devices today, with factory images getting posted as well as OTA download links being posted for those who want to flash and install the new software manually to their devices instead of waiting for it come over-the-air. Earlier we saw […]

Featured Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager Case For The Galaxy S6

The common conundrum for many users today when it comes to smartphones, is throwing a case on it to protect it from drops and other everyday damage. This can be especially true with something like the Galaxy S6 which has a very sleek design with premium glass and metal construction. After all, you paid quite […]

Android How To: Use Call Blocking On The Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Blocking phone calls has almost become a necessity in this day and age, and while it would surely be better if this type of situation could be avoided entirely, that just isn’t how things work. Thankfully there are a handful of ways you can block calls on your Samsung Galaxy S6, (it will be the […]

AOSP Changelog May Suggest 5.1.1 Update For Nexus 6 Is Near

Earlier today Google finally posted up the OTA download links as well as the factory images for the Android 5.1.1 update for the Nexus 9 tablets in both the WiFi-only and LTE models of the device, bringing users of the tablet forward to the software build number LMY47X. The Nexus 9 wasn’t alone as the […]

Compose Emails From Your Wrist With ‘Wear Mail Client’

Android Wear has a handful of different apps available which enhance the experience of having a smartwatch wrapped around your wrist, whether they be for counting your steps, playing/pausing your music, or reading your emails. Google’s built-in Gmail support even lets you compose emails with your voice, because, how else would you do it? The […]

Spotify’s Video Capsule Excluded From T-Mobile’s Music Freedom

Earlier this morning Spotify announced some new features alongside a new app redesign which could help to make it even more of a popular streaming music service in comparison to its rivals. For a long time Spotify has held a top spot as one of the most popular streaming music services with playlists, offline playback, […]