Patent Wars: Nokia Wants The HTC One Banned In The United States

Nokia is really stepping up their patent trolling game this week in their ongoing battle with HTC. In the wake of a filing with the International Trade Commission regarding infringements on RFIC (radio frequency ID) which seem to involve almost every device that HTC has released in the last year, Nokia on Thursday filed a […]

Lojack For Android To Make It’s Debut On The Galaxy S IV

We all have our favorite security app on our smartphones. This is the software that we load onto our handsets that have the ability to remotely wipe, track, and backup the device should it be lost or stolen. A lot of these applications come in both free and premium versions depending on whatever your particular […]

Samsung Picks Up A Pair Of Patents Including One For A Flexible Tablet Display

How about we start off everyone’s Monday morning with some rumors and patent talk? While these are topics that can surely be groan worthy when discussing things like the seemingly never-ending Samsung Vs. Apple litigation over patent infringement, the news today comes from the other end of the spectrum because it is about future of […]

The United States Congress Looks To Take On Google Glass

In one of the more predictable stories to come out of Washington D.C. in a while, some members of the United States Congress have sent a letter to Google asking for answers regarding the privacy implications of their most recent attempt at wearable technology, the Google Glass project. The members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy […]

Google Glass On Track To Get Hangouts And Other “Social” Compatibility

As we sit and reflect on yesterday and the marathon that was the Google I/O 2013 keynote address, we realize that there are plenty of things to be excited about as well as some some glaring omissions that left a lot of us scratching our heads. Even with all of the awesome application updates that […]

Google Now Like “Conversational Search” Coming To Desktop

Those of us watching the 2013 Google I/O keynote either in person or streaming on the web have been introduced to some wicked cool new features. Even with the presentation still ongoing we have been treated to numerous new technologies and services as well as a lot of improvements on things that we have already […]

ZTE Announces The European Bound Grand X2

Given the fact that today is the biggest day of the year for Google, with their keynote speech going on as I type this, you have to think that it probably isn’t the right time to announce a product not coming directly from the search giant. This means that either Chinese manufacturer ZTE didn’t get […]

One Of Asia’s Top Developers Touts The Ease Of Working With Android

A lot of Android detractors are very quick to trot out the dreaded “F” word (fragmentation) while criticizing the operating system. These are the type of people who love to point to the fact that some app developers stay away from Google’s OS because there are too many devices and variations of the software to […]