New Rom Manager Update: Download Backup Feature

Android users who use Rom Manager for backups and flashing ROMs should definitely check out the apps latest update by ClockWorkMod. The update provides older devices with some theme fixes but the best feature is a backup server that is built right in. You can use your phone to browse to a web server, search […]

MagNector – The Pogo Charger for your Nexus 10

Nexus device owners might find themselves discouraged by the pitiful choice of “official” accessories. This is where third-party vendors come in, such as ifsolution, who is currently selling a Nexus 10 pogo pin charger. It is called the MagNector pogo charger that magnetically connects to the pogo pins on the side of your Nexus 10 […]

GLBenchmark Test Further Confirms A 7 Inch Galaxy Note (GT-N5100)

Next year promises an incredible number of new devices to choose from. Samsung has been keeping the Android news sites busy lately with all the many, varied rumors of its new or planned mobile devices. The GT-N5100 is the latest to float back to the top of the bubbling rumor pool and is what many […]

TransPhone 1 Pro Is The Newest Phone/Tablet Hybrid And Costs Only $240

Keeping up to date with the latest technology is expensive and often requires you to end up with multiple devices. If you happen to have both a smart phone and tablet, you end up paying two different data fees just to use both. You could have a tablet that only runs Wi-fi but that still […]

Samsung Won’t Let Apple Get Away With Copying Google’s Notification Patent

A lawsuit against a rival tech company is the gift that keeps on giving. At least that is what the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple might have us believe. You probably have already guessed that there will be more drama between the two and the latest is over the Google Notification system. When Google […]

Android Devices With The Best And Worst Battery Life

Root Uninstaller Team, the creators of the Battery Stats Plus app, published reports detailing battery statistics over the last three weeks. The charts below show data from over 474 Android phones and tablets which sent over 5,500 battery statistic reports. The app has been installed on devices in countries all over the world. Devices with […]

Brazil’s New “IPHONE” Runs Android

IGB Electronica SA revealed its own line of smartphones under the “G iPHONE Gradient” brand earlier today. The IPHONE Neo One will be the entry-level in their new line of smartphones in Brazil. The phone will run on version 2.3 Gingerbread of Google’s Android operating system. Who doesn’t love the irony of an iPhone that runs Android? […]

Motorola Patents Could Cost Microsoft Millions A Year

The patent trial between Microsoft and Motorola over the use of video and wi-fi technologies used by Windows 7 and the Xbox 360 is nowhere near over, despite the trial being held November 13-20. The trial was meant to decide the amount Microsoft should pay Motorola for use of the H.264 video compression patent and their 802.11 […]

OH Crap! Android Controlled Toilet

There are apps that allow you to control your television, your radio, even your washer and dryer, all with your smartphone. Now this same concept has trickled down into your bathroom time. Lixil, a Tokyo-based toilet company, has created a new line of “smart” toilets set to release in early 2013. This could be the […]

What Could Sprint Be Really Up To With Clearwire?

Earlier this morning, Sprint Nextel announced that it will buy out the remaining 49 per cent of Clearwire for about $2.2 billion. The deal will pay shareholders of the wireless company $2.97 a share down from an earlier offer of $2.90 a share. This will help expand Sprint’s 4G LTE network, which the wireless carrier […]

eSfere Console Wants To Make Android Gaming Even Bigger

Why can’t we enjoy playing high quality games on our large screen HD television without having to pay the high prices that traditional game consoles force on us? That is the ultimate question for gamers around the world and one that the developing team of the eSfere console wants to answer. But as a small […]

Apple Maps Gives Wrong Directions In Australia; Samsung Has The Solution

You know what they say: it’s all fun and games until somebody gets stranded in the blistering heat without water because of wrong directions. For many Australians using Apple maps, that situation became all too true recently. Samsung, heads to two cities down under to set up camp to strike yet another blow against their […]

MobileMount+ Just May Be The Perfect Camera/Car Mount for Your Android Phone

J & M Company, the same makers of the original MobileMount, takes to Kickstarter again to help fund the improved design of the MobileMount+ which now has the ability to thread into camera mounts. Smartphones and tablets are great devices that can make your life much easier and lets you carry less when you are […]

Samsung Tells World to Get Ready For Something New at CES 2013

There have been a ton of rumors flying around lately about the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Las Vegas January 8th through 11th, 2013. Much speculation has been made about what Samsung intends to unveil during the show. The tech giant has recently added further fuel to the rumor fire with the release […] Eager to Sell HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly, which is the official international name of the Droid DNA/J Butterfly as it’s called in the United States and Japan, is now up for pre-order at and Expansys Italy. It was only yesterday that it was announced for launch around mid-December in China but has been available in Japan since October. The […]

ASUS Keeps Promise and Rolls Out Jelly Bean Update to Padfone 2

  Many early buyers of ASUS’ new Padfone 2 were disappointed that their device came loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich instead of the newer Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, ASUS promised to remedy this problem before the end of the year. Padfone 2 owners will be receiving their update soon to Jelly Bean […]