Featured: Top 10 Best Android Brain and Puzzle Games

One thing that’s great about smartphones is that we no longer get bored while doing certain things. For example, something like waiting in a doctor’s office use to be a dreadful task, because all you had to do while waiting was read some out of date magazines or watch the Weather Channel. With smartphones and […]

HP Betting On Android To Help Gain Back Enterprise Customers

It’s no secret that HP has struggled when it comes to mobile devices and tablets. The company’s first modern tablet offering in the TouchPad was less than desirable from the start, and HP just couldn’t sell any. Because of this, the company had a “fire sale” with excess TouchPads and sold them for an amazingly […]

Google Releases New Video Showing Off Voice Searches With Glass

Google has not been shy about touting all that Glass can do, especially in the real world. When the company first announced the device, many people were skeptical of what use cases it would have in real world use with real world consumers. Slowly but surely, the company has been releasing videos to YouTube detailing […]

Samung to Open Official Accessory Store, Starting with Europe Come July

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung announced a host of new accessories for the flagship device, including the S View Cover, which lets you see a portion of your display when the cover is closed, as well as things like the Body Scale and heart rate monitor, which integrate with the new S Health functionality on […]

Former FCC Chairman Warns US That Its Lead In LTE Coverage Is Not Set In Stone

The United States has built up a pretty solid LTE network. Both Verizon and AT&T have extensive coverage around the states, with the former still leading the latter by a decent amount of cities. Sprint is getting up there in terms of coverage, but still hasn’t expanded at the rate Verizon and AT&T have been […]

Google Glass Banned From Google Shareholder Meeting

Google Glass has had many issues with privacy so far in its short lifetime. So far in the lifetime of Glass, we’ve seen restaurants and stores ban the product citing privacy concerns. In fact, a petition to ban Google Glass has even gone up on the White House website. Google has always said that it will […]

Report: One More Google Edition Phone Coming This Year

At Google I/O 2013 this year, Google started a trend of releasing “Nexus Experience” devices. With this trend, the company teamed up with other manufacturers to release a model of their flagship running stock Android Jelly Bean. The company started this when it announced a Galaxy S4 variant running stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean at […]

Intel Executive Says Its Silvermont Chips Beat ARM In Power, Performance

Intel has not had much luck in the mobile market, in fact a company executive even said so himself and blamed in on the lack of LTE support with its chips. Intel’s new upcoming chips based off the Silvermont architecture, however, are expected to help the company gain some ground in the mobile space. The […]

Entry-Level 7-Inch Tablets Expected To Hit Just $40

With the Nexus 7, Google proved to us that it is possible to make a budget tablet that not only people want, but that actually performs well and is nice to use. Prior to the Nexus 7, manufacturers had tried to release tablets for the budget-minded market, but were unable to get the combination of […]

AT&T To Kill Data Options For GoPhone Prepaid Customers

AT&T has announced that it will soon be eliminating several of the affordable data plans that are part of he GoPhone prepaid package. The change will officially happen on June 20th. AT&T does say, however, that it has plans to replace the GoPhone data plans coming in a few weeks, but would not specify the […]

Patent Suggests More Security May Be Coming To Android’s Face Unlock

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google introduced a new way of unlocking a device. The feature allowed you to unlock a device via the front facing camera. First, you’d have a picture taken of yourself, and from every time after that, Android would use the front facing shooter to see if it was actually […]

Galaxy S4 Update Adds Ability To Install Apps On SD Card, New Camera Firmware

When the Galaxy S4 launched earlier this year, one thing many consumers were not fond of was the lack of internal storage available. The 16GB Galaxy S4 variant shipped with just over 9GB of space available to the user, while the rest of the room was taken up by TouchWiz and pre-installed apps, also known […]

Google Tells Us Why It’s Shutting Down Google Reader

The Internet went into shock earlier this year when Google revealed that it was killing its popular RSS aggregator Google Reader. At the time, the company offered no explanation as to why it was shutting the service down. With three weeks to go until the official closing of the doors on July 1st, the Mountain […]

UPDATED: BlackBerry Messenger is [Not] Coming To Android on June 27, Apparently

For a long time, BlackBerry Messenger has been rumored to come to Android and iOS, and finally last month the company confirmed that the service would be coming to other platforms. There was still mystery surrounding it, however, as no official release date was known. Many people have said that BlackBerry Messenger is the only […]