Questions About Glass? Google Has a FAQ for That

Despite the fact that Google Glass has been covered quite extensively by the press, it’s still shrouded in a lot of mystery. I, for one, have quite a few questions about the device which have yet to be answered. I don’t know about you, but I’m never content with just taking the word of old […]

The Android Design Team Shows Us What’s in a Beautiful App Design

Ever wonder what makes an app beautiful? Well, apparently the Android Design Team has the answer for us: “Attention to detail makes an app truly beautiful: transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful, and design touches that delight you in surprising ways are sprinkled throughout.” In light of that information, […]

Amazon’s GameCircle Now Available for All Android Devices, Game On Folks

Amazon just announced that they are opening up the GameCircle service to include support for all Android devices. If you don’t already know, GameCircle is a proprietary game service like OpenFeint or the new Google Play Games. It allows developers to offer in-game achievements, an RPG-like leveling system, accomplishments and even cloud service support. The […]

Hacker Geohot is Back, This Time with a Galaxy S4 Active Root Method

This next fellow needs no introduction, as he’s relatively well known for hacking… a lot of devices. The name is Geohot, and I’m sure you recognize him. He went to war with Sony some time ago for hacking the console and opening up the system to custom firmware and homebrew. If you don’t already know, […]

Sony Honami Camera App Available for Xperia Devices, 20MP Sensor Not Included

The upcoming Sony Honami smartphone is purportedly equipped with a 20-megapixel camera sensor that’s also able to record 4K resolution video in full. You don’t have to be well versed in mobile tech or photography to see that those figures are ridiculous, and awesome. Unfortunately, most of us will never experience hardware like that, at […]

OUYA: TowerFall is Number One, We’ve Never Heard of it Either but That’s the Point

Many have criticized the OUYA for its limited availability of quality titles, mainly brought to light because the console uses a proprietary app store with filtered content designed specifically for it. OUYA just announced that developers have delivered more than 200 Android games for the console. Just a week after its launch, indie title TowerFall […]

The Big One Gets Ready to Make a Debut on Big Red, Passes Through Bluetooth SIG

It’s been a long time coming, the Verizon version of the HTC One. For quite some time it was believed the handset wouldn’t even be available through Big Red’s network. Recently that changed. Verizon and HTC finally made the One official weeks ago, but it was never given an exact release date. Instead, they announced […]

Google Glass is Getting Some New Hands Free Improvements in a Recent Update

So what if most of us don’t have Google Glass and won’t have the platform for a while, that’s not stopping the company from making it better. Google Glass received an update earlier today that improved the overall user experience and platform in general. Several issues have been ironed out, and existing functionality has been enhanced. […]