Featured: Android In Need Of A Gaming Platform

Gaming has long been a strong suit for Apple and iOS while being an easy target as a weak spot in Google’s Android OS. Apple has Game Center a dedicated gaming platform that works across their range of offerings and it is about time Google start taking gaming more seriously and release a dedicated gaming […]

Featured: Top 10 Hottest Android Phones For Summer 2011

Summer is here and coming with it is a whole new batch of High-End Android Smartphones. From the Samsung Galaxy S II, to the HTC Sensation, and Motorola Droid Bionic Android fans have a lot to look forward to. Here we are going to break down the Top 10 Hottest Android Phones for summer 2011. […]

Featured: Google Wallet And Google Offers; The Future Of Retail

The Future Of Check Out Near Field Communication (NFC) has been written and spoken about countless times by analyst and Google itself. What it all adds up to is Google Wallet and Google Offers a combined deal and payment system that makes checking out a quicker and more convenient process. It is the start of a […]

Featured: Will Android Tablet Sales Finally Pick Up?

Will Android Tablet Sales Pick Up? The tablet market is still in its early stages with the Android tablet platform only in its infancy. The only major player on the scene right now is Apple with their iPad and iPad 2. While it is true that tablet sales are cutting into the market of netbooks […]

Featured: New Standards In Android Security and Gaming

Android Security Android security has been a hot topic as of late with consumers and developers having a few gripes with how Google has handled the issue up to this point. The latest issue was with the ClientLogin service, for all mobile devices up to version Android 2.3.3 the Google account log in service was […]

Android@Home: The Future of Android

Control Your House From Your Phone Android@Home introduced at Google I/O adds a completely new dimension to Android devices allowing you to control home electronics from your mobile device. It starts with wireless lighting solutions made available by Lighting Science and goes as far as developers can imagine. Google is designing the Android@Home interface at […]

Droid X2 Dummy Models Pictured At Costco: Release Approaching

Droid X² Coming Soon The Droid X² is definetely coming soon, we recently revealed the official specifications and now dummy units are arriving at retail stores. The Tegra 2 powered sequel to the power house Droid X is coming to a Verizon retailer near you within the next month. Pictured next to the original the Droid […]

Overhauled Android Market Web Store Introduced: Improved App Discovery

Much Improved App Discovery The improvement to app discovery in the Android Market web store is a much welcomed introduction from Google I/O 2011. In an article written leading up to the event I pointed out that app discovery was one of the important points Google needed to address moving forward. With the introduction of […]

Verizon Motorola DROID X2 Official Specs

Now It’s Official The Motorola Droid X² (and that’s X squared not X2) official details have been released and the spec sheet matches up to what we have been telling you all along. It will continue on as a 4.3″ device, but this time thankfully it has been updated to a qHD display and resolution has […]

Walk Through Of The New Google Music Service

Invitation Only The new Google cloud music beta has just been initiated and it is accompanied by a new music apk and a free 20GB of  cloud music storage accessible from any device with an internet connection.  The first step to start enjoying the new Google Music beta is to get an invite so if […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Announced at Google I/O 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Made Official Android Ice Cream Sandwich was just announced moments ago at Google I/O 2011. It’s okay to be excited as it looks to be an amazing release and the greatest change of Android to date. The main component of Ice Cream Sandwich is choice meaning that you can choose between […]

Google Music To Be Announced Tomorrow At Google I/O

Google Music Is It True? There is no question that Google Music has been a hot topic leading up to Google I/O 2011. While there is now a multitude of streaming and cloud music services from the likes of Pandora to Rdio we have yet to see a hands down winner. All signs point to […]

Are There Too Many Android Tablets?

Too Many Android Tablets? An analyst recently wrote an editorial saying that the influx of Android tablets into the market will lead to oversupply and a negative impact on the Google tablet OS. While the article makes a few good points manly the tablet is a luxury item and the phone is a necessity. While also […]

The Countdown To Google I/O: Everything You Need Know Before The Show

The Much Anticipated Google I/O Google I/O is a jam packed 2 day event that begins on May 10th. It will be filled with developers and reporters looking to find the latest news, updates, and announcements on all things Google. Most importantly all of the Android news we have been waiting for will be presented, […]

Just Announced: Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T

Samsung Infuse 4G Release Today at the Samsung press event they announced their new Infuse 4G that will be hitting AT&T May 15th. Which is right around the corner for the massive 4.5″ Infuse 4G. It will become the fastest device on AT&T’s HSPA+ network with support for up to 21Mbps which is good news […]

The LG Optimus Black UnBoxing: How Bright Is The Nova Display?

LG Optimus Black With Nova Display The new LG Optimus Black has begun to make it way around to reviewers to see whats  it made of. Lets see if the single core Optimus Black can hold its own in a world of dual core devices like its sibling the G2x. The first thought that comes […]

Official Droid X Gingerbread Release May 13th?

Droid X To Get Official Gingerbread The past couple of weeks have been an exciting time for Droid X owners such as myself. There have been multiple leaked versions of Motorola’s Android 2.3.3 MotoBlur Gingerbread released. The latest being the pictured .591 system version, the newer unreleased version is said to be completed and is […]