Looks like the HTC One M9 Doesn’t Overheat After All

In the next few weeks, leading up to the global availability of the HTC One M9, we’re going to hear and see us talking about thermal optimizations. As Jeff Gordon from HTC has stated – and so have many others from other companies – all OEMs must set a max for keeping these phones from […]

Exclusive: An Inside Look at Verizon Wireless’ Switch Facility

How does Verizon make the most reliable network, reliable? We take a look at their Switch Facility in Southfield, MI This morning,  we got the chance to tour one of Verizon’s Switch Facilities here in Michigan. This is one of just four that service the state of Michigan. This facility, in particular, covers Oakland and Wayne […]

Get 3 Years of Anonymizer Universal VPN for just $55

VPN’s are always important to have, and right now we have a pretty big deal on the Anonymizer Universal VPN. We’re looking at a 3-year subscription of the service for just $55. The normal price for this is $240. With Anonymizer Universal VPN, you can feel more safe and secure on free WiFi at your […]

Featured Review: Scosche BoomBOTTLE Bluetooth Speaker

  Scosche’s BoomBOTTLE is a pretty interesting Bluetooth speaker. It’s basically set up like a water bottle and meant to bring you about 10 hours of amazing sounding audio. It also includes a nice heavy-duty carabiner  so you can attach it to other items and places. It’s about a $100, so let’s see how well […]

Deal: EC Technology 2nd Gen Deluxe 22400mAh Battery Pack – $36.99

Keeping your smartphone charged up is always a daunting task when you’re traveling, or working all day long. Our phones can do so much, yet the battery can’t really keep up, unfortunately. Luckily there are a ton of battery packs like this one from EC Technology. It’s a 22,400mAh capacity battery pack and is on […]

Deal: Google Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB – $185

While the Nexus 7 (2013) hasn’t been sold in quite a while, eBay still has a few left that are up for sale. This is the 32GB WiFi model that’s for sale here. It’s going for just $184.99. Which is a pretty decent price, especially considering it’s running on Android 5.1 right now. You can […]

Lock Screen Bug Plaguing Android 5.0 and Later Devices

According to Reddit user pyler2, there’s a lock screen bug that’s on his Nexus 5 running the Cataclysm ROM. Basically if you have a swipe pattern on your device, and you swipe the wrong pattern then press the back key, and then swipe to unlock, you can bypass the security feature. Many were thinking this was […]

The Acer Chromebook 15 is Now Available from Amazon – Starting at $250

Acer’s Chromebook 15 which they announced back at CES in January, is finally available. It’s the first 15-inch Chromebook that’s been made available. The Chromebook 15 is available in both 2GB and 4GB of RAM models as well as 16GB of SSD or 32GB of SSD models. The models range between $250 and $350. Not […]

What Does 5G Need to Improve? Huawei Has Some Ideas

Yep, we’re talking 5G as in the next generation in wireless. Right now most of us know about 4G LTE, but companies like Huawei have been looking to get 5G out the door. 5G is going to be a super fast network, just look at LTE, LTE can go as fast as 150mbps, with LTE-Advanced […]

Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Alpha – $279.99

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a pretty decent smartphone. It was Samsung’s first metal smartphone. It’s a smaller smartphone, but still has some pretty decent specs, including a Snapdragon 801 chipset inside. This model is unlocked and will work on T-Mobile and AT&T as well as other GSM carriers around the world. You can grab […]

Android Deals – March 20th, 2015: Sony, LG, HTC, Samsung and More!

Plenty of amazing deals going in tech right now. Let’s check them all out right now. Smartphones LG G3 (VS985 – Verizon Model) – $319.88 Motorola Moto X (2013) – $249 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – $189 Sony Xperia Z3 – $439 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – $599 Samsung Galaxy Alpha – $319 HTC Desire […]

OnePlus to Begin Offering the One on Amazon India Without Invite

The OnePlus One is a great device. We were really impressed with it when we did our review last summer. It’s got flagship specs, with a mid-range price. Here in the US, and most of the world, OnePlus has been selling the One on an invite system. Which has had a lot of backlash. However, […]

Top 5 Ways to Market your Android App

You’ve built a sweet app. One that you think everyone would love and use daily. Yet you have no downloads. What’s up with that? Well, there’s this thing called ‘marketing’. If you build an app and send it to the Play Store, most likely no one will see it. Especially since Google Play already has […]