Get VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription for just $39

VPN subscriptions are a good way to keep your browsing secure when you’re not at home. It’s great for being at a coffee shop and using their free wifi, which is unsecure. This way your browsing is still secure, since you’re using a VPN. It’s also great if you are traveling to China, where just […]

Android Deals – April 14th, 2015: Samsung, HTC, Motorola and More!

Now that the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9 are available, there’s all kinds of deals on them as well as deals on their accessories. Let’s check out some good stuff. Smartphones LG G2 – $189 LG G3 D855 Model – $403 Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – $459 Samsung Galaxy S6 (GSM […]

Featured Review: Verus Verge Case for the HTC One M9

We might be in full Samsung mode right now with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but we haven’t forgotten about the HTC One M9. Today, we’re looking at one of Verus’ many cases for the HTC One M9. This is the Verge case, which has two parts. There’s a thin TPU case that […]

Deal: Samsung Galaxy Alpha – $259

There’s an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Alpha on sale over on eBay right now. According to eBay, it’s almost out of stock, so you’ll need to act quick. This model of the Galaxy Alpha will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile LTE, so you can buy it and put on either of those carriers. Currently the […]

Android How To: Take A Screenshot on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Just pick up a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Well we’re here to help you out. With new devices, we do more than just review them. We also break them down and show you all the things you can do with the device. That includes simple things like taking a screenshot. Which we are going to […]

Google Adds new Sections to the Material Design Guidelines

This morning, Google updated their material design guidelines. Which is basically a set of design guidelines for developers to follow. While it’s not mandatory, Google would like everyone to use them. So that users can get pretty much the same experience across Android. This update to the Material Design guidelines brings a whole host of […]

WhatsApp Latest Update Brings Material Design

Here’s something we never thought would happen. Especially considering Facebook owns WhatsApp now. But the most popular messaging app out there, WhatsApp has now gone material. The update is available in the Play Store now, for some. But if you can’t wait to get the update, you can grab the APK from WhatsApp’s own site. […]

Earjax ‘Lyrics’ Noise-Isolating Headphones Available for $34.95

Looking for some new headphones or earbuds? Well we have the Earjax Lyrics Noise-Isolating headphones available right now from the Android Headlines Deals Store. They are extremely high-end for listeners, as well as being precision-crafted design which delivers every bit of music. They are engineered to block outside noise, also has woven cloth braid for […]

Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Finally. We have our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Big shout out to Sprint for hooking us up. We have the 32GB Pearl White model of the Galaxy S6 Edge in hand, and it looks just as great as it did in Barcelona. It’s super thin, but the curved display doesn’t really make […]

Accessory of the Week: Omaker 3-port USB Car Charger

This car charger from Omaker is a pretty cool one. Although, I struggle to find a time when I need 3 USB ports in the car. Nevertheless, Omaker has a 3-port USB car charger here, and it has 1 port at 2.4A and the other two at 2.1A. So it will charge your device rather […]

Samsung Publishes Video Taking a Stroll Through the History of the Galaxy S

Last Friday, Samsung launched their 6th generation Galaxy S smartphone. Not many smartphones make it to their 6th generation. In fact, the only other ones I can think of off the top of my head are the Nexus and iPhone. Although iPhone is more like 8 because of the 4s, 5s, etc., models. The Galaxy […]

Featured Review: Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker

A lot of Bluetooth speakers come across our desks here at Android Headlines. The one we’re talking about today is the first one that doesn’t have a battery inside. It’s also one of the biggest ones we’ve used in quite some time. It’s Fluance’s Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker. It comes in black, white and bamboo. The […]