Featured: Top 10 Accessories for your new Android Smartphone

Did Santa leave you a brand new Android smartphone under the Christmas tree yesterday? If so, you might want to check out some of these cases and other accessories for some of the most popular smartphones out right now. Sony MDRZX300/RED Outdoor Headphones These are some great headphones from our friends at Sony, and they […]

Over 10 Million People signed up for Amazon Prime over the Holidays

This is pretty typical news from Amazon, just after Christmas, as we see this every year. That a ton of new people signed up for Amazon Prime, as people want the free two-day shipping for their gifts they are buying. But to see over 10 million people sign up for a free 30-day trial, is […]

Pre-Order the Limited Edition Code Black Drone with HD Camera Now!

Looking to play with a pretty awesome drone anytime soon? Well right now over on the Android Headlines Deals Store, we have an exclusive Pre-Order on the Code Black Drone which also has a HD Camera. It’s just $89 right now, which is about 55% off of it’s $199 price tag. So not a bad […]

Android App Updates – Dec. 26th, 2014: Flickr, gReader, PayPal and More!

Flickr’s Update improves Tablet layout This week’s latest update to Flickr brought a nice update to the tablet layout on their app as well as improved lightbox for viewing photos. You can check out the full update here. gReader gains Lollipop support and brings a bit of Material Design gReader was also updated this week, […]

Enter to win a Xbox One and Grand Theft Auto V!!

We’ve got yet another giveaway going on, over on the Android Headlines Deals Store, that you’ll want to check out. We have a Xbox One plus GTA V up for grabs right now. Which is normally around $400 for the combo, and it can be yours for free. All you need to do is sign […]

AH Awards 2014: Best Android Photography App of the Year

  It’s about that time of year again. Time for the Android Headlines Awards. We’ve got all kinds of awards for app categories, games, hardware and more and you’ll be seeing them between now and the end of the year. So let’s get started with the best Photography app of the year. This year we […]

Striiv Fusion Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker Now Available for $55!

If you’re looking for a nice smartwatch and a fitness tracker all in one, then the Striiv Fusion is a great one to check out, as it’s only $55 right now and usually smartwatches and fitness bands like this are over $100. In fact the original price of the Striiv Fusion is $100. It will […]

US Carrier’s Report Cards 2014: Sprint

  Sprint had a pretty interesting year. They started the year with a new owner, in Softbank. They tried to merge with T-Mobile US, and pulled out, and also got a new CEO. All that in just a year, pretty crazy, right? Well we’re going to grade the carrier in a few areas and see […]

Grab the PowerCube with 4 Outlets and 2 USB Ports for just $18

This is a pretty interesting power adapter here. We’ve seen plenty of surge protectors available with USB ports included, and that’s because most of our devices these days use USB. But this one is what they call the PowerCube Outlet Expander. Basically it’s a cube that plugs into your outlet, and gives you 4 outlets […]

Meizu’s Not Coming to the US yet, Why? Blame The Great Firewall of China

So, today Meizu announced a brand new product line here in Beijing. In China the device is known as the Meizu Blue Note, while the rest of the world it’s the M1 Note. Not a big deal, we’ve seen stuff like that before from other manufacturers. Since I’m in Beijing for their event, I was […]

US Carrier’s Report Cards 2014: Verizon Wireless

  In 2014, the wireless carriers really shook things up. While we can probably blame T-Mobile for that, they aren’t the only ones shaking stuff up, and we’re loving it. So we are grading the carriers on how they’ve done in 2014. We’re kicking things off with Verizon and will also grade AT&T, Sprint and […]

Android Deals – Dec. 22nd, 2014: Chromecast, JBL Flip 2, and More!

hromec We’re just about past the time where you can still order gifts for Christmas this year, but that doesn’t mean the deals end. There’s still a ton of great deals going on all over the interwebs and we’ve got them listed below for you to check out. Smartphones Motorola Moto G (2013) 4G LTE […]

Learn How to Develop Android Games for just $49!

Ever wanted to learn how to develop Android games? Well now you can learn how with this easy 7-course Android Game Developer Bundle on the Android Headlines Deal Store. There’s even a course for learning how to develop on Android 5.0 Lollipop and use all of the new API’s in the latest version of Android. […]