Top 40 Hottest Android Applications Oct. 26th – Nov. 2nd, 2010

Top 20 hottest apps of the day Free PowerAMP Music Player (Trial) New by Max MP PowerAMP is the new powerful music player for Android. – plays mp3/mp4/m4a(including lossless alac)/flac/ogg/wav/tta/ w … 10,000-50,000 downloads, Rating 4.83 (841) Free Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper Updated by Yougli Live wallpaper using realistic physics engine and g-sensors to […]

Froyo new Features : Remote security

Remember how 2.2 voice action hit the third-party Vlingo so hard that it has to alter the price to free in order to compensate? Well, I think this is what happening right now, except with remote security. Now, Google is offering  a features that third-party apps already offer, remote security. Those features will include the […]

Google Goes on the Offensive in a New Lawsuit Versus the US Government

There is yet another lawsuit involving Google. There is just one difference in this one, and it is the fact that Google is on the offensive this time. They are suing the United State Government, in particular the Department of the Interior, and saying “Inappropriately wrote procurement requirements for a messaging contract to favor Microsoft […]

Yet Another Galaxy Tab Review, When Am I Going to Get My Hands On One?

The Galaxy Tab is coming… The Galaxy Tab is coming… The Galaxy Tab is coming… The good guys over at SlashGear got their hands on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it looks amazing.  The 7” screen at 1024 x 600 resolution looks amazing, and before you complain that it is not […]

Samsung Launching Continuum on November 11th

Samsung will announce the Continuum at their event on November 8th, but it will start being sold on Verizon on November 11th, together with Samsung Zeal and Motorola Citrus. After Samsung recently denied the rumors about a Nexus Two, it seems that these are the only devices we will see from Samsung, at least for […]

Viewsonic Announces Viewpad Android Tablets

Viewsonic is going to enter the tablet market with 2 Android tablets, one of them 7 inches and the other will be 10 inches, and both of them will have access to the Market and all the other Google Mobile Services. The 7 inch tablet will come with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB port, a 3-megapixel auto-focus […]

Rage is Coming to Android too

Not so long ago,  John Carmack demoed his latest game, Rage on Iphone 4 with an awesome 3d graphic. How awesome, take a look for yourself. Here’s a tweet from the man itself I’m going to regret having “ios” in all my type names when I port Rage Mobile to Android. Well, with this in […]

The hard Motorola Defy come out of hiding

The Motorola Defy finally put on its armor and come out of its castle and ready to face the world of hurts. Ready to come to the people whose can’t keep their phone in their hand for long before it finally drop into something hard, wet or dusty. This Android 2.1 powered handset that is […]

Android Security Fears Analysed

Software vendor Coverity produce analytical tools for finding bugs in source code. Their flagship product Coverity Prevent has even been used by the military. Recently the San Fransisco based company have turned their attention to the Linux kernel that underlies all Android phones and found a series of errors that could lead to potential security […]

ViewSonic 10, the sequel to ViewSonic 7

Remember the ViewSonic 7 dual-boot tablet that offered a  booting option of Window seven and Android? Well, ViewSonic 10 is its siblings that has just launched. The 7 that they showed IFA 2010 may be unstable prototype but the ten that’s going to launch at November 15 is a fully fledged tablet priced at £449. […]

Motorola Droid 2 Global Goes Black and White

The Verizon Rebate form has told us that there is an upcoming Global version of the Droid 2. Now we have more details regarding that statement. What you are seeing above is the proof that the Motorola Droid 2 Global would come in two colors, black and white. Hopefully this would not go in the […]

Dell Streak Launching on Rogers Soon

Apparently, some Dell Streak dummy devices have found their way to Rogers, which means Dell Streak will be available very soon on Rogers. Dell Streak doesn’t have too bad specs for a 5 inch mini-tablet, but it does come with Android 1.6 which is quite dissapointing. They did promise to upgrade it to 2.1, so […]

Facebook Phone Pops Back on the Radar

November 3rd, that’s the magic date. Facebook will announce something that day at their heaquarters in Palo Alto, California. It could be the announcement of a new Facebook app for all platforms or…this could be the announcement of the elusive Facebook phone. Why not? Facebook is a great social hub and with their resources, they […]

Nexus Two – An Improved Galaxy S?

The Nexus Two (or whatever it will be called) specs are not officially out yet, but there is a rumor that confirms another previous rumor that Nexus Two won’t be as game changing as a dual core phone would be, but rather an improved Galaxy S. Here’s what this rumor says the specs will be: […]

Apple Sues Motorola over MultiTouch

It’s beginning. Apple’s suing sniper is scouting for targets and Motorola got into the scope first. Apple is suing Motorola over all of its newest Android OS handsets that have multitouch capability. In addition to the multitouch claim, Apple is bringing Motorola to court for: Object-Oriented System Locator System Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User […]

Dangerous SMS App Has Been Banned from the Market

A few days ago an app called Secret SMS Replicator launched on the Android Market, and it could secretly forward your SMS messages to another phone. Google didn’t like this and it has already removed it from the Market. Because the Android Market is much more open than Apple’s App Store, sometimes stuff like this […]