Sprint ID LG Optimus S launches

Pricing and Availability LG Optimus S will be available in Charcoal beginning Sunday, Nov. 7, and Purple beginning Nov. 21, in Sprint retail channels includingwww.sprint.com and 1-800-SPRINT1 for just $49.99 with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade and after a $100 mail-in rebate (pricing excludes taxes). Android 2.2 Offering easy-to-use Google™ applications, LG […]

HTC Desire HD Is Coming to TELUS

There are rumors saying that HTC Desire HD will soon make its appearance in Canada, specifically on TELUS. HTC has recently launched a Sense portal for different services for new HTC phones like the Desire Z and Desire HD. This portal also seems to be a consistent source of leaks for upcoming phones from HTC. […]

Wi-Fi Only Tab Delayed

If you are pondering on the price of getting the 3G Galaxy Tab’s for $599, and hoping for the Wi-Fi only Tab that has the same price as the iPad ($499 with no contract), then you will be disappointed.  A Best Buy internal document leaked to Android Life has told us that the plan for the […]

Droid Incredible HD might be a Verizon Android LTE Device

Well-known Verizon tweeter @black_man_x dropped a bit of a cryptic hint yesterday afternoon that the rumored HTC Droid Incredible HD — that’s the one that’s been rumored to be coming Nov. 23 and looks a hell of a lot like the European Desire HD — is “almost HD … and LiTE as a feather.” He later responded that it’s the same […]

HTC Legend Finally Getting Froyo Update

After months of waiting, HTC Legend users will finally get their Froyo update, according to HTC, in the next few weeks. HTC officials say that the update has been “progressing quite well”. It’s obvious HTC team is not big enough to handle multiple phones at the same time, so they were probably working on bringing […]

Rent.com Releases Android Application

Do you want to look for houses on the go? Well, you’re in luck, because Rent.com has just released an Android application for their services. Rent.com is a one of the most popular rental listing sites so this could come in quite handy for those looking for a new home. Their app will let you […]

More Game Publishers Announce 3D Games for Android

Capcom, Konami and Namco are just the latest game publishers to announce new games for Android. Capcom says they will launch 3 of their most popular games, which includes: Mega Man, Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Gold Knights, and Resident Evil: Degeneration. These games will come pre-installed on Sharp’s upcoming glasses-free 3D phones, but I’m sure we’ll […]

Motorola Defy goes overboard, rescued intact and functional

Well, Motorala Defy is built to endure torture. Though manufacturers like to claim their device is durable but mostly they were exaggerating but apparently not Motorola. The defy has been plunged into the swimming pool and survive intact and functional. That certainly add into its WOW factor.  And best of all, there’s a video to proof […]

Froyo Finally Arrives on UK Galaxy S

Samsung’s UK Twitter feed announced last night that the roll out of  Froyo (OS 2.2) for the wonderful Galaxy S has begun and by the end of the month everyone with a Galaxy S in the UK will have it. I checked with their Kies PC sync software a minute ago and there was no […]

The Glasses-Free 3D Phones Are Coming

We already knew that glasses-free 3D games and apps will be coming in the 2nd half of 2011 in USA, thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra platform, but it seems that Sharp wants to bring this to Japan right away. The Japanese carrier Softbank will be launching a pair of phones that will feature glasses-free 3D displays. […]

Samsung Is Confident They Will Sell 1 Million Galaxy Tabs in 2010

It seems that Samsung doesn’t think it can sell 10 million Galaxy Tabs in 2010, as they’ve originally said. They now say they are “confident” they will sell 1 million tablets this year, which is still not too bad at all, especially when you consider their higher than expected prices. While I do think it’s […]

Samsung Announces 7″ Super AMOLED Display for Next Year

Samsung is not sitting still with their Super AMOLED displays. They know how popular they’ve been for Galaxy S, and now they want to copy that success into their upcoming tablets. They’ve just announced that they will unveil a new 7″ Super AMOLED display next year that has a resolution of 1200 x 600. I’m […]

T-mobile Launches Comet, Motorola DEFY and LG Optimus T

Today is a big day for T-mobile. They are launching not one, not two, but three Android smartphones: the T-mobile Comet, the Motorola DEFY, and LG Optimus T. The T-mobile Comet is coming at a low price of $9.99, but it’s also available for free on their site T-mobile.com. This phone is a great choice […]

LG Optimus Pad to Run Honeycomb and Have Tegra 2

When LG said they were going to bring a tablet with “many firsts”, they weren’t kidding. Not only will their upcoming 8.9″ tablet have the much awaited Tegra 2 chip, that will be able to run some amazing exclusive games, but it will also come with Android Honeycomb, which is next after Gingerbread. The tablet […]

Why Steve Jobs Is So Grumpy

Ever wondered why Steve Jobs is always so angry? All that money and success, you’d think he’d have a smile on his face now and then wouldn’t you? One possible reason for Mr Jobs’ permanent frown could well be the dawning realization that Apple have dropped the ball when it comes to the tablet market. […]

Top things you need to know about Samsung Continuum

This new Samsung headset, unique for its secondary display just under the main screen has been leaked to the vast world of Internet. It has the same 1GHz processor with the Samsung Galaxy line, and 5MP camera with “HD” video.The Super-AMOLED screen sports the same 800×480 resolution, but comes in at 0.6″ smaller, measuring 3.4″ The […]

Finally, SE Xperia X10 Is Getting the Promised Android 2.1 Update

After months and months, and months, it seems like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is getting in line with most Android smartphones out there. The rollout has already started on Sunday, although mainly in Europe. Canada is expected to be getting the update “in the week of November 8th”. On top of the Android 2.1 […]