T-Mobile Will Be Carrying The LTE Nexus 9 And You Can Pre-Register For It Now

The Nexus 9 is now available for pre-order from various different places, as it hit the Play Store for pre-order just this morning along with Best Buy’s online website, and Amazon yesterday through various localized Amazon stores. That has only been the WiFi version of the Nexus 9 though and we’ve been asked by a […]

T-Mobile USA Offering Unlimited International Calling From $5 Per Shared Account

T-Mobile USA have announced an updated deal to their Stateside International Talk plan for people on a Simple Choice plan, which gives customers unlimited landline calls to more than seventy countries for just $5 a month, per account. Yes, that’s per account and not per number, so the price could be from fifty cents per […]

Could Other Carriers Overtake T-Mobile In Spite of Recent Network Improvement?

Despite a widened loss of T-Mobile shares, the carrier has recently managed to attract even more customers than expected.  While T-Mobile shares were down 13 cents, closing at $27.99 on Monday, the company has, through network improvements, promotions, marketing and some social media tactics by CEO John Legere improved its reputation. An example of network […]

Android How To: Root the T-Mobile LG G3 (D851 Model Only)

While we’ve had root on the LG G3 for quite a while – even before the device was out. There was a new OTA that blocked that exploit for root. But don’t worry there’s another one. Right now it’s only available for the T-Mobile version, but according to Justin Case’s Twitter, it sounds like we’ll […]

T-Mobile Rolls Out Wideband LTE To The San Francisco Bay Area

T-Mobile isn’t messing around. They are gaining customers at an incredible pace, adding more in recent quarters than some of the bigger carriers combined. The complaint that can still be brought against them is network coverage. They don’t have the coverage areas that Verizon and AT&T have. They do have data speeds that are as […]