Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Imported to India for R&D Testing Purposes

This is the time of year where rumors start flying for the next iteration of devices.  While many won’t even receive their new phones for another week when Christmas comes around there are plenty speculating and hoping that the next iteration of their favorite smartphone is everything they ever wanted.  Samsung usually launches its Galaxy […]

Samsung is Shutting Down ChatOn Early Next Year

Just like in the old movie, The Karate Kid, where Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel about the martial arts using the “wax on, wax off” concept, Samsung seems to have decided to ‘ChatOn, ChatOff’ their messaging service.  Just last month the Korea Times reported that Samsung would be turning off their ChatOn messaging service with Samsung […]

Samsung’s Galaxy J1 is To be First in New Line of Budget Android Smartphones

  Samsung might have promised to release less phones throughout 2015, that certainly doesn’t mean that they’ll be shrinking their lineup dramatically. Instead, it looks like Samsung is to streamline things and cut down a little bit. New lines like the Galaxy A and Galaxy E lines have already been rumored about and in the […]

Phone Comparisons: HTC Desire 820 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Introduction We have another good one for you today – the new HTC Desire 820 versus the Samsung Galaxy S5.  The HTC Desire 820 follows in its big brother’s, HTC One, footsteps with its basic design only out of plastic, not aluminum.  But like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is also made out of plastic, […]

Smartwatch Comparisons: Motorola Moto 360 vs Samsung Gear S

Introduction Have we got a good one for you today – the much anticipated Motorola Moto 360 goes up against the Samsung Gear S powerhouse…which one of these two smartwatches, in every sense of the word, will come out the winner in this smartwatch comparison.  Both watches are a work of art in their own […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored to have Curved Display on both sides

Well here’s a rumor that’s pretty well out there. According to this rumor coming out of, it appears that Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S6, is going to be kinda similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, but instead of one side being curved, both will be curved. Kinda odd right? The Italian site, HDblog […]

Cyanogen CEO: “Samsung Couldn’t Build A Good OS If They Tried”

If you are just waking up in the US then you might have missed the events that happened overnight elsewhere. In India, Micromax launched their new Yu branded device as the Yureka smartphone. If you did miss it then the Yureka comes with a 5.5″ display with a 1280 x 720 resolution. Inside, Yureka comes […]

Holiday Gift Ideas Day #10: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

If you are looking to pick a tablet this holiday season, and want one with an amazing screen for entertainment, then the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is the one you’ll want to pick up. It’s a great tablet, and right now it’s just $429.99 from Amazon, which is partially it made our Holiday Gift Idea […]

Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Introduction Have we got a good one for you today – the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge goes up against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.  The Galaxy Note series defined the phablet category back in 2011 – Apple, then headed by Steve Jobs, dismissed the larger smartphones as unnecessary.  Finally, Apple succumbed to the reality […]

Smartwatch Comparisons: Sony SmartWatch 3 vs Samsung Gear S

Introduction Have we got a good one for you today – the Sony SmartWatch 3 (SW3) up against the Samsung Gear S.  It is Android Wear versus Samsung’s Tizen, it is conservative looking smartwatch versus the big and beautiful and it is an anchored device versus a standalone phone within a smartwatch…yes, we have it […]

Featured Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has been heavily criticized over the past couple of years for not really taking chances with their devices. And just sticking with the same formula. So this year with the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Note Edge, which is a little bit cutting edge, but definitely a first generation product. We’ve […]

Enter to win a Moto 360, LG G Watch R, or a Samsung Gear 2!

So we heard you want a smartwatch. Well so did the OEMs, which is why there are a ton of smartwatches available now. From the LG G Watch R, to the Moto 360, to the Sony Smartwatch 3, and even the Samsung Gear 2 which is not running on Android Wear, but Samsung’s Tizen operating […]

Samsung Galaxy E7 Pops Up On GFXBench, Snapdragon 410 SoC And 2GB Of RAM In Tow

Just as I finished reporting on the leaked Samsung SM-J100H smartphone, another handset made by this Korean giant popped up on GFXBench. Samsung Galaxy E7 is a significantly more capable device than the aforementioned SM-J100H, but it is still a mid-range handset. This handset will be a part of Samsung’s mid-range “E” series of devices, […]