Google Is Partnering With H&M’s Ivyrevel On The ‘Data Dress’

February 6, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google is partnering with H&M’s Ivyrevel on the Data Dress, a smart couture piece of fashion that is created specifically for a user, based on various criteria that is gathered through the Snapshot API via an app that Google is creating with Ivyrevel. With the app, and the use of the Snapshot API as well as the Awareness API, multiple details like fitness activities, visited places like restaurants and other businesses, the weather in the location of the user and more are collectively used to design and make the dress, making this a unique piece of fashion that is truly tailored to one’s lifestyle.

Google and Ivyrevel are calling this project Coded Couture, and have currently started limited Alpha testing of the application, but before the app can get to work taking in all of that personal data and using it to create something unique to wear, the user will have to tell the application what the dress is for. Specifically the type of occasion. There are three available choices which include party, gala, or business, so based on that particular selection and the collected data, a dress will be designed that looks like it was made especially for each situation.

The entire process takes about a week to complete before the dress can be created. While Google states that the app is only in closed Alpha testing at the moment and that the test includes a few select global fashion influencers, they are giving anyone who is interested the opportunity to potentially take part in future trials and testing of the app by signing up to participate. Signing up, though, does not guarantee a person that they will be chosen for future tests, but not signing up means you’ll miss out on the opportunity entirely. For the moment there is no release date set for the application but it will hit mobile devices sometime this Fall, and at the moment the Coded Couture app will only be using the collected data to create the Data Dress. Other information such as cost and whether or not other clothing types will be included with the app around the launch or sometime thereafter.