Samsung’s Level In Earphones Have Active Noise Cancellation

August 16, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Samsung is offering a new pair of earphones called the Level In ANC, which are a pair of in-ear buds that have been added to their lineup that feature active noise cancellation to deliver a more premium audio experience, allowing wearers to enjoy more of what they’re listening to without having the audio clogged up with ambient noises from the outside world around them. The Level In ANC, which Samsung boasts are capable of reducing the level of ambient noise by -20db, will be available to purchase in Black or White color options, although at the moment Samsung does not list them for sale on their own website, nor do they show up in a local retailer search, which means they likely aren’t available for purchase just yet.

For those that are looking to go truly wireless instead, Samsung’s Gear IconX earbuds are officially going on sale this week as they launch on August 19th, which not only boast the ability to listen to and stream music completely cord-free, but they also boast 4GB of internal storage for listening to music on the earbuds locally, and they work as a fitness tracker. Like the Gear IconX, the Level In ANC come equipped with a feature that makes it easy to hear ambient noise if you want to continue listening to your music but still be aware of your surroundings, which is the perfect sort of function for runners and cyclists. This feature is called Talk-In Mode on the Level In ANC.

In addition to the Talk-In Mode, the earphones also come with a set of controls on the wire to manage volume of the audio playback, as well as a button for pausing and playing tracks and accepting incoming calls when used with the included mic. Since these are wired earbuds you’ll be needing to plug these in, naturally, but if you prefer this type of earphones over wireless ones and feel they provide better audio quality this detail probably won’t matter. The Level In ANC feature a rechargeable battery due to the noise cancellation feature, and Samsung states that the battery inside the earbuds can last for up to 9 hours on a single charge with the ANC on. The earbuds also feature a fabric cable. Unfortunately there is no word on an exact release date for these nor is there a confirmed cost at this time.