Sprint Makes Calls/Texts Free To Ecuador Following Quake

April 17, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

In the wake of natural disasters and attacks, most carriers will end up offering customers the opportunity to place calls and send text messages to people in the countries where those disasters took place at no charge. More recently U.S. carriers began offering free calls and texts to family and friends in Brussels following the horrific attacks in the region, and yet again back in the middle of November with the attacks in Paris. In these difficult times of loss, it can be important to get a hold of friends and loved ones who may have been in the area, and Sprint is once again allowing their customers to take advantage of free voice calls and text messages to Ecuador following the recent earthquake.

Just over the weekend, Ecuador experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 235 people so far and wounding about 1,500 others. Sprint wants to make sure that people who may have family or friends in the country are able to keep in contact, so they’re making international calls and text messages to Ecuador from the U.S. completely free by waiving the fees that would normally come along with the international usage. In addition, for those who may be traveling within Ecuador, roaming voice calls and SMS messages will also have fees waived so people can try to keep in contact without having to worry about what it might cost just to let someone know they’re safe.

Sprint states that the free calls and texts for customers began as of yesterday, April 16th, and will carry on through April 23rd to give customers ample time to try and make contact with people close to them. The free international and roaming usage is open to all Sprint customers, as well as all Sprint prepaid customers, and customers of Sprint’s MVNO’s Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA. Sprint does note however that Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA, and Sprint prepaid customers will not have fees waived for roaming while in Ecuador and trying to make calls or send SMS messages to the U.S. and are only included in the free calls and texts to Ecuador from inside the U.S.