‘Quote’ RSS Reader App Is A New Feedly Alternative

April 12, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

What do you do once you get a new phone and go through the setup process? Well, you start downloading applications from the Google Play Store. I’m sure that every single one of you has a list of apps you download first, at least in your head. Well, I’m no different, I do have around 15-20 applications that I download / restore on every single Android smartphone I use, and a proper news reader is always one of those applications. Feedly is one of the most popular RSS reading applications out there, and if you’re looking to get every single news a certain news outlet releases, RSS is your best bet. That being said, Feedly is not perfect, nothing is, and a rather interesting alternative app has been launched recently, read on.

‘Quote’ is the app in question, and it is essentially a news reader for Feedly and Inoreader accounts. Now, what is interesting here is the fact that this app comes from ‘mvilla’, a developer behind an extremely popular ‘Fenix for Twitter’ application which is used by tons of people all over the world instead of the official Twitter app. Anyhow, ‘Quote’ is an RSS news reader which offers tons of features and themes. The full-screen reading, gesture navigation, readability support, dark and light themes, article thumbnail previews, article and image caching… are the features included in this app. Now, if you opt to support the developer, the app will not throw ads in your face, and you’ll be able to add multiple accounts, not to mention you’ll also be able to load additional themes. Now, as far as gestures go, you can swipe from the left to close the current screen, swipe from the right to mark an article as read, and also long press on an article to show advanced options for that specific news piece.

‘Quote’ is a really nice looking app, though we’ve seen similarly designed news readers already. Having in mind how well ‘Fenix for Twitter’ functions, Quote definitely has huge potential. We do hope that the developer will offer great support for this app which would make it quite compelling in the long haul.