Live TV Listings Are Coming To Google Search

April 21, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

As the flow of technology increasingly fluctuates between personal and communal devices, traditional television is left in a position that’s awkward, but just as important as it has ever been. Users are continuously spreading their content consumption across multiple screens and multiple formats and mediums, a trend which can be seen in the fact that, according to Google’s research, searches for TV shows have increased over 55 percent in the past year. Previously, Google added functionality to the Search app that showed users what providers could give them the show they searched for on-demand digitally. An announcement on Wednesday indicated that they will be providing live TV listings for search results in the near future, allowing a viewer searching for a certain show to know exactly what channel to turn to and when to tune in or switch on the DVR.

The live TV results will be shown at the top of the screen, above the digital results showing what providers may happen to have the show in question on hand. The live TV results will be shown to users with the showing date on the left hand side, the show’s time slot in the middle and the name of the network broadcasting the show on the right side. The announcement did not go over whether options will be added to integrate this new feature with smart TVs, smart set top boxes and other IoT devices.

Announced alongside the new search feature was a glut of new features for Google’s DoubleClick ad platform, made to cater to traditional TV providers. Things like per-user cross-screen ad personalization, ad break categorizing to avoid violating applicable laws and some new TV partners on board were included in the announcement. The new providers, MCN, Roku and Cablevision, will be partnering with Google to provide and optimize ad campaigns for DoubleClick customers across users’ various screens. As a side note, Google also announced new features for Autodesk, their professional 3D rendering suite. Autodesk will now be compatible with Google Cloud Platform for features like collaboration and network backups. A new cloud-based rendering solution called MAYA will also be coming to the Google Cloud Platform via Autodesk.