Leaked Verizon Memo Shows Fee To Suspend A Line

April 14, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Customers of the Big 4 carriers in the U.S., AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, are no strangers to policy changes that are either ambiguous in their customer benefit, offer none at all or are outright damaging to the customer. A leaked memo that found its way to our source, Phone Arena, indicates a new policy for Verizon customers that revolves around voluntary suspension of a line on a customer’s plan. According to the leaked internal memo, customers that want to suspend a line on their plan will have to pay $10 per month on the suspended line as of April 17. The new terms of suspension are a bit mixed in their implications, making some suspension cases cost more than they did before while rendering some cases free.

Along with the per-month price change, the fee for initially suspending a line has been completely waived. Suspending a line at the reduced rate can only be done for 90 days out of a given year, with the exception of military suspensions, but if a customer hasn’t used a suspension within a year and is suspending a line because the phone on it was lost or stolen, they can suspend the line for 30 days at no charge. Suspensions for active military deployment, on the other hand, are completely free for up to 3 years and 90 days. Suspensions for any other reason will be subject to the $10 per month fee, unless the customer wishes, for whatever reason, to continue paying the normal rate for the line. Since there are only three coded reasons for suspension, listed above, things will be a bit easier for representatives, but will leave little room for flexibility with the suspensions.

The reduced billing can be prorated on a day to day basis, meaning you don’t have to suspend a line for the entire month if you’ll only be away from that line for a few days. It should be noted that any suspension, even military deployment, will extend the service contract for the plan for the length of the suspension, as well as pushing out upgrade opportunities for that line. This means that suspensions essentially freeze a customer’s account in time and prevent it from being cancelled or the number reassigned. The changes are set to take place on April 17 for all customers. Check out the full memo below or at the source link.