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Featured: Top 10 Strategy Games For Android

April 15, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Strategy games are some of the most intense games one can play, yet that doesn’t make them impossible nor does it keep them from being fun games. They certainly require a little bit of thinking and you’ll have to concentrate from time to time to make sure you can beat your opponents whether you’re playing against the computer or going head to head against other players. If you’re new to the strategy genre or you’re looking for something new to conquer as a veteran and loyal fan of the game type, here’s a list of 10 strategy games on Android worth looking into.

Ark of WarArk of War

Ark of War is about futuristic battles between nations. Instead of waging war with tanks and troops with modern weapons, you’ll have mighty arks to devastate your enemies. The Arks are where your bases are constructed and you can either go things alone or build an alliance to forge through with help.


Star Wars: CommanderStar Wars Commander

If you love strategy games and are just as much of a fan of them as you are of Star Wars, then Star Wars: Commander is the game you need to check out. You’ll have tons of different units to deploy and a base to build up and defend, complete with a bunch of Star Wars themed characters and maps.


The Horus Heresy: Drop AssaultThe Horus Heresy

Next up is a title filled with war and strategic combat based on the Warhammer 40K series. The game features multiple different factions you can choose from and you can follow along with the campaign or you can battle in live skirmishes against other players.


Machines At War 3 RTSMachines At War 3 RTS

Machines At War is an RTS game which offers up randomized map play for those who like to keep things fresh and interesting. It also has tons of different unit types to build including seven huge mega units which have devastating power. Graphics are also pretty nice for those who appreciate good visuals.


Civilization Revolution 2Civilization Revolution 2

Those who are fans of the Civilization series from 2K will know this one well. Everything has been fitted for touch screens here so there shouldn’t be a degradation in the gameplay, and graphics are top notch as you might expect. The goal here is not to dominate the enemy and defeat bases, but to build up a massive empire that stays strong for the ages.


Total War battles: KINGDOMTotal War Battles KINGDOM

This follows along the popular Total War series from SEGA, and focuses on you building up your kingdom and waging war with huge armies. You’ll also need to make sure you keep your citizens happy, farm for resources and more. You can battle other players in real-time and the game is cross-platform too.


The Walking Dead: No Man’s landThe Walking Dead No Mans Land

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead then you may want to check out this game for the weekend. While this is a strategy game you’ll also have RPG elements included here for leveling up your characters, and you can also now battle other players in PvP.


Planar ConquestPlanar Conquest (9)

If you’re looking for a complex yet immersive strategy game with tons of features and loads of gameplay, look no further than Planar Conquest. It packs in tons of stuff with hours upon hours of game time to keep you busy. As the war for civilization rages on, you create a sorcerer lord to command an army and must learn magic to conquer your enemies.


MechCom 2MechCom 2

MechCom 2 is a stylized 3D RTS game where you battle with all kinds of robots and mech units. Controls are easy to manage and there are multiple game modes meant for both beginners and advanced players, making this a great strategy game for everyone.


Clash RoyaleClash Royale

Rounding out this list is Clash Royale, the most recent game from Super Cell and building off of the popular Clash of Clans game. In Clash Royale you’ll be battling it out against players in real-time with a sort of mix of tower defense and card battling. It makes for a rather interesting strategy title and it’s free.