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Featured: Top 10 Casual Games For Android – April 2016

April 7, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you like playing games on your mobile device but you’re not quite the type of gamer who wants to engage in complex story-driven masterpieces, then a nice casual game is probably more up your alley. There are tons and tons of games in the Play Store which offer up a more casual style of play, and because it can feel a little bit challenging to sift through them all we’ve put together a new list of 10 casual games worth checking out.

Fishdom: Deep DiveFishdom

Kicking off this list is a match-3 game called Fishdom, and if you’re a fan of the pixar animated film Finding Nemo, you should immediately notice the inspiration for the design of the under water creatures. Since this is a match-3 puzzle type game, expect to play at your own pace and pick it up for just a few minutes or play for hours. Whatever you like.


Pirate KingsPirate Kings

Next up is a game called Pirate Kings, and this one seems to be a mixed bag of different things you can do. You can explore the high seas and conquer different islands, steal and pillage from people on your friends list, and spin a wheel to determine wheter you win gold or should steal from or attack other players. If you love all things pirate, check this one out.


Neko Atsume: Kitty CollectorNeko Atsume

This one isn’t entirely new as it’s been around for a few months or more, but this is really the epitome of casual if you really just ant to sit back and have some light-hearted fun without having to do much. Plus, if you love cats and japanese inspired things, this a can’t miss game.


Subway SurfersSubway Surfers

Again, not exactly a new game and much older than the title above, but it’s quite casual in gameplay as well and it’s a classic hit that keeps adding new content in consistent updates to the game. Subway Surfers is filled with loads of endless runner excitement and all without being too serious.


Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2

You should be familiar with the details here. Angry Birds 2 is the latest in a lineup of casual physics-based games from Rovio. Fling birds, knock down pigs and their crazy contraptions, score points, rescue the eggs.


Minions ParadiseMinion's Paradise

For lovers of the adorable little minions that hail from the Despicable Me films, Minions Paradise takes casual to the next level and lets you build an island paradise with all of your favorite minions, including Phil. You can build up different parts of the minions resort, play mini games, and realize your master plans.


StirFry Stunts – We Bare BearsStirFry Stunts

This more recent hit from the We Bare Bears series from Cartoon Network is basically a time management game where you need to cook up all kinds of food and keep the customers happy and fed. If you’ve played any games similar to this in the past it should feel familiar, but this will obviously come with the expected charm and comedic value of Cartoon Network games.


Disney Magic KingdomsDisney Magic Kingdoms

This is going to be similar to Minions Paradise, except with the theme centering around Disney and building up Disney parks. There will be just about every memorable Disney character you can think of included, and everything from park building to mini games for you to sink your time into.


Ready Steady BangReady Steady Bang

Ready Steady Bang is close to being as simple as they come. In this easy to play wild west style duel, you start the game and wait for the word “bang” to pop up, and the first person to tap the display (you or the computer) wins the duel, shooting the other person dead. It’s all about the speed here and only the fastest will survive.


Clash RoyaleClash Royale

Last but not least is Clash Royale from Super Cell. Not quite as casual as some of the others since it focuses on real-time matches between other players online, but it’s still mostly casual and has quite a bit of fun with a mix of hearthstone style gameplay from the card collection and a little bit of tower defense.