Compete Against Others In Arcade Hit ‘Rope Racers’

April 21, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Racing games can be a good bit of fun and especially if you have other to play with or against. Even on mobile racing games are engaging and they can be competitive which is certainly a little bit exciting. If you like racing games but are looking for something a little bit different, then Rope Racers just might be the game you’re looking for as it fits right into the racing genre but instead of having you race around tracks for multiple laps in various cars or trying to knock out opponents in kart style racing games, it takes on a side-scrolling view and has you swinging your way to victory.

As stated above, Rope Racers uses a side-scrolling view so there’s really no having to focus on steering in the right direction, no overcorrecting or not breaking soon enough. This makes for a little bit of an easier time with the controls as you only have to focus on swinging from platform to platform throughout each race, however, there will be a bit of a challenge with things like different paths you can take. Rope Racers is a multiplayer game which means you’ll be racing against other players, and you ca even race against friends who play and challenge them to a match anytime you like.

It’s worth mentioning though that this is not real-time multiplayer as when you challenge a friend or play against another opponent, the other racers are merely replays from when they have most recently raced on that level. While this won’t be as exciting as racing against others in real-time, it makes for less strain on the network according to the developers which should provide a smoother experience during gameplay. You can unlock and collect multiple different characters to use in races which gives those who love to complete games as much as possible something to strive for, with a total of 30 characters to grab. Rope Racers is a free to play title so it won’t cost you anything to pick it up, it does, however, offer in-app purchases so players will want to be aware of that.

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