Sygic Adds 88 New Maps To Its Navigation Portfolio

March 9, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

GPS navigation is can be an extremely useful tool locally, but it can be even more useful when travelling. Sygic who is a global leader in GPS navigation apps has today announced that they have grown their collection by adding in 88 new maps to their already expansive offering. Claimed to be the world’s most installed app for offline maps and navigation with a unique user number of 125 million, Sygic’s new maps include places China and Japand as new regions, which have been added to already available locations for travel navigation like Latin America, Africa, and other parts of Asia.

Combining all of Sygic’s available maps locations has put them in a globally available status with offerings available in every single state recognized by the United Nations, totalling 206 countries. While typically navigation apps offer what they can by being connected to the internet, Sygic’s maps are all available offline so users can continue to get GPS guided directions to where they want to go without the need to use data. Sygic does offer online services within the application however, which include things like details on the locations of speed cameras as well as current information about traffic in the areas a user is travelling.

The Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps for Android application is available for download in the Play Store, but you can also find all of Sygic’s map locations downloadable from their website, ranging in cost depending on the region you select. Users can grab maps based on Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, The Middle East, and Australia and New Zealand, with multiple maps options available in each category. Users can also optionally download the World map which includes every region, and right now the World maps package costs $37.49 (normally $124.99). Additionally, all of Sygic’s location maps are on sale from 35% to 70% off in their E-Shop. All of the maps purchases also come with a lifetime license, so you can continue to use them without ever having to pay another fee. In addition to offering data like speed camera locations and traffic information, Sygic’s maps also offer voice-guided navigation with turn-by-turn instructions, and they even offer up details on points of interest like the best parking spots and more. The Sygic base app for GPS Navigation and Maps is available for free in the Play Store with some features available for free for all regions, and while the app does offer in-app purchases for the full feature set, all of the maps can be picked up from Sygic’s website as well.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1