Storage, The Unsung Hero Of Mobile Gaming

March 7, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Owning a smartphone has opened up a new world for gamers. Thanks to the advances in smartphones over the last few years, the level of gaming now on offer on mobile phones has increased significantly. Gone are the days when a gamer was resigned to playing games on a stationary console or in any one location. With the advances of mobile gaming, those interested can now take part in a game, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Interestingly, one of the surprise reasons for the improved level of mobile gaming comes from the storage on smartphones. Often you will hear about how increases in RAM and processor-strength has led to the fueling of the mobile gaming industry. While this is true, none of the advanced level of gaming would be possible if it was not for the increasing in storage on mobile devices. In the early days, mobile devices were extremely light on internal storage, however as devices have evolved, the quantity of storage both internally and through external storage options has grown significantly. This has led to the ability for developers to port over significantly larger sized games. Ones which come with greater graphics, more in-depth gameplay and an overall enhanced experience. As a result, mobile gaming options now includes some of the biggest and most feature-heavy games. Grand Theft Auto being just one of the examples now on offer.

While this expansion of storage is one of the less talked about motivators for the quality of games, this is a factor which has also opened the doors to the quantity of games a user can now install on their devices. For some, mobile gaming is not about having the most intense gaming experience or the latest title and instead is more about the classic games. Blackjack being a prime example. The use of games like Blackjack are also seeing significant increases in their level of use on mobile devices. Which is not that surprising as when you consider that Blackjack offers users a way to enjoy a quick hand or game, whenever a gamer wants. Not all gamers will have the time to indulge in high-level gaming while out and about and games like the classic Blackjack means those looking for a quick gaming experience can enjoy one and just about anywhere. With storage on mobile devices becoming as strong as it is, gamers no longer have to make the choice between which games they carry on their device and instead can always have access to a number of downloaded games on their handsets. From the storage-demanding titles likes GTA to a variety of quick fix games like Blackjack and Solitaire. Thanks to the increasing levels of storage, mobile gaming has become an improved experience and a more varied one overall.