Mozilla Launches Firefox 45 With New Family Friendly Tweaks

March 8, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

There are more than a few browsers on Android these days but the most popular options over the past few years have remained the most popular to this day. One of those is of course Google’s Chrome browser which comes preinstalled on pretty much every single Android device, and another is the Android version of Firefox from Mozilla. If Firefox is your main browser of choice on your mobile devices, Mozilla has just pushed out version 45 of their Android browser app which introduces more than a couple nifty little additions and changes, not the least of which are some new family-friendly options so devices can be shared with a little more peace of mind.

The family-friendly feature, which is sure to grab the attention of parents or anyone who shares their device with younger family members, is a new toggle which Mozilla has integrated which lets users disable the sharing of the camera and the microphone in the admin UI. If restricted along, this toggle disable the capability to engage in real-time communication on websites. Mozilla has implemented a change to help users save on data as well. The new click-to-view-images option can be enabled at any time, after which Mozilla states that users will be able to make selections of which images on the web they want to download. If you’re interested in using this feature, it can be found inside of the browser’s advanced settings menu.

Although it may be hard to believe it, there are still some users out there that reside on Android Honeycomb, and Mozilla has worked in a little message that comes through as a system notification to alert those users that they will be reaching the End Of Life cycle for use of the application. Lastly, Mozilla has also added in a new preference to block .onion at the DNS level, which may sound unimportant and if you aren’t sure what this does then it definitely will be. The usual bug fixes and improvements tag along for the ride with this most recent update to the app, so overall users should also notie a general improvement to the app’s performance. While the update to Firefox has been released, it may not show up for everyone just yet in the Play Store.