Lenovo’s Tab3 10 Business Stops By FCC For Teardown

March 10, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Back in February, Lenovo took the stage at the Mobile World Congress to debut three new budget tablets with LTE, sporting Mediatek processors. The 10 inch model, said to be geared toward business users, comes preloaded with Android for Work. The 10 inch business tablet is also attractively priced at $199, making it an ideal mobile workstation, point of sale or a great fit for just about any other role you may want it to play that doesn’t involve a whole lot of computing muscle or running Microsoft Windows programs. LTE isn’t a commonly seen feature for tablets in this price point, nor is the durability provided by the tab’s Gorilla Glass 3 screen, making it a welcome contender in its space. On Wednesday, the budget-friendly device made its way through the FCC and posed for a number of pictures that show off its every detail, both inside and out.

The photoshoot gives us a glimpse into a tablet that seems rather easy to repair. Most of the more important pieces of the puzzle, such as the battery and camera, are attached via ribbon cables, making the connections durable and the parts easy to replace, if needed. Unfortunately, the photos don’t show quite enough detail to be able to tell how easy repairing a cracked or ghosting screen will be. What they do show is an NFC chip, allowing for easy transfer of data to and from customers in a snap, as well as working with mobile payment systems like Android Pay and Samsung Pay. A rather plain charger and MicroUSB cable are also shown, which means no worries for those who may have yet to upgrade their electronic arsenal to include USB Type-C cables.

On top of a teardown, the device came through with a full user manual. The manual starts with a rundown of the various parts of the tablet, as well as showing that a WiFi-only variant is available, as well as the featured LTE version. A MicroSD card slot is on offer to alleviate storage woes and allow quick data transfer between machines, which will be a huge boon for those looking to collaborate on projects that are just a bit impractically large for the cloud or the company infrastructure. The device takes a Micro SIM for networking purposes. The manual also states that the device features a light nano-coating to take the edge off accidental exposure to water, though it’s advised that the tablet should not be submerged. With the features on offer and at the price point this tablet is set for, it looks like Lenovo will be giving the budget tablet sphere, especially in the business world, a run for its money.