Dreii Is An Intriguing Puzzle Game With A Twist

March 30, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

We use various apps on a daily basis, but not everyone enjoys playing games. Now, some of those people who don’t exactly like to play games, still enjoy a nice puzzle game from time to time, or perhaps a card game of some sort. Luckily there are tons of options in the Google Play Store, and we’ve recently stumbled upon one such title, a game called ‘Dreii’. This is a rather odd game, and yet it seems to be plenty of fun at the same time, read on.

Dreii is a puzzle game, but not like any other puzzle games you’ve stumbled upon in the past. Even though this game has a rather simple goal, it is not that easy to achieve it. As the developer says, it will require skill and logic to be successful at it. You’re essentially battling gravity in this game in order to build a tower, and various things get in your way, aside from gravity, of course. Thunderstorms, explosives, etc. The graphics in the game is quite simple, and yet interesting at the same time. Think of the design here as minimalistic with attention to detail, if that makes sense. What is even more interesting here, is the fact that you can play this game with other people online, be it from your smartphone, tablet or even desktop PC. Now, Dreii has some additional features as well, it sports a universal communication tool which will allow you to speak to players from all around the world with ease. On top of all this, you’ll get some interesting sound out of this game as well, every player will basically act as a different instrument, and will produce a different sound. Those sounds come together while you’re playing Dreii, and produce a rather interesting audio output which resembles ancient melodies, as the developer states.

All of this sounds really confusing? Well, it is, until you actually try playing Dreii, then it becomes crystal clear. Now, this game isn’t exactly cheap, it’s quite pricey, you’ll have to splash out over $4 in order to play it, but if you’re into such games, Dreii might be worth it. The game currently holds 4.6-star rating in the Google Play Store, and has around 1,000 installs If you’d like to know more, check out the embedded video or images down below, and if you opt to buy the game, click the Google Play banner below this article.