Download: ProtonMail’s Encrypted Email App Now Available

March 10, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Encryption seems like something of a need these days given the growing importance of privacy and security on everything digital that happens in our lives, and quite a few applications on the Android operating system can be found in the Play Store that offer end-to-end encryption to better protect their users, apps like Telegram or Signal, both of which are messaging apps. Another one of those apps is now ProtonMail, a secure email client app that has just launched on Android and is based in Switzerland. Having said that, it’s likely that this same detail (being based in Switzerland) is causing the app to only be compatible with devices that are located within the country.

For those that have watched the USA TV series called Mr. Robot, ProtonMail may seem very familiar, and it should as it was an email client used by characters in the show. The biggest draw for ProtonMail is of course its security offering. The end-to-end encryption means that only the parties involved in the email, those who send or receive, are able to view the contents of each piece of mail sent over the internet, and for anyone who values privacy, this is something that likely comes off as a very enticing feature. Encryption isn’t all that ProtonMail has to offer though, as there is still a list of other features included that make it a worthwhile email app.

For starters, the UI of the application is loosely material design inspired, and although there is no FAB button, there are some material design elements present, and overall the UI looks appealing. ProtonMail also highlights the fact that the encryption happens behind the scenes so the user doesn’t have to mess with anything to make it happen, it just works, and emails are secure from the get go. That ease of use and peace of mind makes it easier to set up and start using right away. Those who are still worried about privacy even with the encryption in place can set timers for their emails to disappear or configure them to self-destruct after sending them, adding an extra layer of privacy to the mix, and if you’re sending emails out to accounts that are not with ProtonMail, you can password protect them so the privacy stays in place. The email app is free, and although you likely can’t download it straight from the Play Store, you can grab the apk file here from the link below.


Download ProtonMail apk