Deal: Go Green 50,000mAh Solar Power Bank for $35 – 3/22/16

March 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Power banks have become quite popular as of late. Especially with the rate that smartphones are getting non-removable batteries. We’ve seen a number of power banks available already, and even seen some solar power banks like this one here. But seeing a power bank that is 50,000mAh is not that common, never mind one that is powered by the sun. This Go Green power bank is just that. It’s a 50,000mAh battery that can keep your smartphone charged simply by using the sun. This is especially good for going camping and such. Additionally with a 50,000mAh battery inside, you’ll be able to charge your phone about 15 times or more! This gives you some serious juice.

The Go Green 50,000mAh Solar Power Bank isn’t small, by any means. It does feature two USB ports, with one being a 2A and the other being a 1A output. So you won’t get Quick Charge here, but at 2A, it’ll still be plenty fast. This one can calibrate specific voltage and current amounts to different devices for efficient charging, and it can be charged up to 1,000 times before you start to see the battery degrade. You can pick this one up right now from the Android Headlines Store for just $35!

Go Green 50,000mAh Solar Power Bank