Beat The Boss 4 Game Offers Plenty Of Content & New Weapons

March 3, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Games have become a huge industry over the years, and mobile platforms are ideal for developers to throw great gaming content at a ton of people. Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone of some kind these days, and that gives developers access to a lot of people. Not everyone likes to play games, of course, but even the people who don’t consider themselves ‘gamers’ like to play something from time to time, no matter how simple the game is. There’s plenty of content available in the Google Play Store these days, from fun simple games, to significantly more complicated and time-consuming strategy titles.

That being said, I believe that most of you either heard of, or already played one of the games from the ‘Beat the Boss’ franchise. Game Hive Corporation is the developing company behind this franchise, and there are four ‘Beat the Boss’ games available in the Google Play Store at the moment. Now, the title of this game is quite revealing and straightforward. The first game in the franchise was quite simple, you had limited ways as to how to literally beat your boss, well, the Beat the Boss 4 offers plenty more content compared to the original. You actually have 10 maps and 30 interactive stages within this game, and you can customize various parts of this game, weapons, bosses, stages, etc. There are over 130 weapons available in this game, and the vast majority of them is rather interesting and funny even. To make the game interesting, the developer has included 180 custom-crafted bosses here, this should provide plenty of content to the game itself.

This game actually supports multiplayer gaming, and it does offer in-app purchases, even though it’s free to play. The characters (design) in the game resemble those in South Park to an extent, which is not necessarily a bad thing, of course. Anyhow, there are plenty of official images in the gallery down below which should provide you with plenty of info before you download this game, and we’ve also embedded the official promo video below this article as well. If you’d like to download and try out this game, click on the Google Play banner which will redirect you directly to the Google Play Store.