Android N Name Poll Pops Up In Google Opinion Rewards App

March 15, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

As you probably already know, Google has released the Android N Developer Preview quite recently. That was an unexpected move by the Mountain View giant considering the fact everyone expected the Developer Preview to land shortly after the Google I/O in May. Well, Google jumped the gun, and even announced that the full version of Android N will be available this summer, which means Nexus users will have access to it a couple of months earlier than expected. Does this mean Google will introduce new Nexus devices this summer? Well, everything is possible, we’ll see.

As it’s usually the case with Google’s new Android updates, the company did not reveal the name of the update itself. The ‘Android M’ was introduced at the Google I/O last year, and we didn’t know it will be called Android Marshmallow until September. Well, we’ll definitely wait until this summer for Google to reveal the name of this new version of Android, and until then we can only speculate. That being said, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that the company will conduct an online poll for future Android codenames, and it seems like that is already happening. Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app which basically lets you earn Play Store credit in exchange for filling out surveys, and one such survey regards Android’s N update. As you can see in the gallery down below, there are two questions here, the first questions actually asks you to list ‘tasty food’ that starts with the letter ‘N’. As if this wasn’t revealing enough, the second question in the series ask you to pick a favorite treat from a list, and if you take a look at the second image in the gallery, you’ll get to see a full list of options.

Now, Nutella was the most frequently mentioned naming for Android N lately, and it is not included in this list. That doesn’t mean Nutella is out of the question, keep in mind this is just a survey, and it is possible Google is just messing around. There are some interesting options in the list though, even ‘Nori’, a seaweed Google’s’ SVP mentioned recently on Twitter. Get ready for many more similar leaks / teasers, even though we probably wouldn’t know anything for sure before Google officially introduces final build of Android N.