Network Insight Firm Mosaik Buys Sensorly

February 3, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Some of our readers may be familiar with Sensorly, a crowdsourced app that allows users worldwide to contribute data on Wi-Fi and cellular networks they’re using and check out coverage maps in real time, as well as compare local carriers’ coverage and speed. Sensorly currently boasts data on over 500 different networks in 85 countries. Mosaik, a firm that provides network metrics and creates supporting desktop and mobile apps for network providers, network-dependent solution providers and carriers, has bought up Sensorly. This move is meant to help them expand their considerable portfolio of network knowledge the world over, which already extends to over 1,800 networks in 225 countries, to better understand customers’ needs and how to provide solutions.

Sensorly has been around since 2010 and garnered over 850,000 downloads on iOS and Android. The app has a long history of providing unbiased, mass-measured network metrics and has become an integral part of many users’ decisions about carriers and relocating. Mosaik expressed a desire to continue Sensorly’s operations mostly as they are, with continued development, investment and improvement. For the time being, this should mean that current Sensorly users won’t see much of a change, though Mosaik may begin improving the service soon. Mosaik president Bryan Darr expressed this, saying, “We are committed to Sensorly’s global community and we will continue to invest in and improve Sensorly applications, mapping services, automation and analytics…”

Mosaik founder and Sensorly co-founder Boris Lacroix added in, “Mosaik and Sensorly are highly complementary and share a commitment to providing excellent wireless network experience solutions… Our goal is to ensure Sensorly continually evolves to be the most intuitive, flexible and insightful wireless network mapping service for consumers…” Their partnership will not entail any Sensorly employees moving from their France headquarters. Rather, Mosaik will be pumping up their European presence and working alongside Sensorly in their homeland. Mosaik plans to trot out their full lineup of metrics and services, presumably with Sensorly integration in tow, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona near the end of this month. Although it will be early in the game at that point, the two companies share a founder, meaning this move could have been planned far in advance.