Get Spotify Premium Before 2/28 & Get A Free Chromecast

February 17, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

It’s been a turbulent last year or so for music streaming services, with Apple Music and YouTube Red hitting their stride as Pandora and iHeartRadio see some decline and some services shutting down entirely. Through it all, Spotify has managed to stay fairly strong despite a relatively low count of premium users, gathering a good amount of ad and partnership revenue. As premium, paid services begin to become the norm, Spotify is looking to up their paid user count. One way they’ve decided to approach that goal is by offering new premium subscribers on the three month package a free Chromecast. The gadget itself costs $35 at most outlets, leaving Spotify to actually make a loss on this deal unless they’ve made a deal with Google, since a 3 month premium subscription is $29.97. The offer is only applicable to brand new signups who have not taken advantage of the free month of premium.

Spotify added in Chromecast compatibility not too long ago, which means this promotion will give many people their first chance to see how the service functions on Google’s ubiquitous streaming stick. With YouTube Red and Apple Music leading the charge for premium services to go mainstream, this promotion is timed to help Spotify ride the upcoming wave of subscription signups. Spotify’s high rank in the world of free and ad-based streaming services and new features rolling out is likely to help them secure a fairly good amount of paid subscribers over the next few weeks and into the future, with this promotion likely in place to test the waters for future promotions.

The offer is available only to U.S. and U.K. residents until February 28. Customers will have to be somewhere that Google can ship a Chromecast. The way the offer works is that a new subscriber will be given a redemption code to get a free Chromecast from the Google Store within 7 days of a subscription purchase. From there, they simply redeem the coupon code at the Google Store and their Chromecast will be on the way. As with any promotion, it’s only while supplies last and Spotify can put the kibosh on the whole thing whenever they see fit and only one Chromecast will be shipped out per person, whether they order multiple subscriptions or not. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, head through the source link.