Deal: Garmin VivoActive $139.99 – 2/8/16

February 8, 2016 - Written By John Anon

One of the fastest expanding markets in the tech and mobile world is wearables. As a result of this quick expansion, those in the market for a new wearable do have a number of options to choose from. You can either opt for more of a smartwatch design which looks to offer a watch-like experience with additional features like fitness tracking or you can opt for a fitness tracker which offers more direct fitness tracking features and more of a band look.

Well, most people will already be familiar with Garmin as they are a company who provides GPS navigation features to many drivers. They have however, also released a number of wearables and one of those, the VivoActive is rather interesting. This is essentially a fitness tracker but one which is designed to come in a smartwatch form and therefore, offering the design of a smartwatch with the full functionality of a smart band. This is a smartwatch which will provide you with all of your expected counts including calories, steps, distance, and will also break down the counts by activity, like running, walking, swimming and biking. In addition, as this is Garmin, all the tracking aspects come provided by their GPS technology which should look to offer a very accurate level of measurement. In terms of the deal, the Garmin VivoActive is currently available through eBay for only $139.99. This is certainly a discount off its main retail price and better than a number of deals which have come through previously for this device.

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