Cher Wang: HTC’s Upcoming Smartwatch Will Be A Game Changer

February 26, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

HTC has been amongst the top three smartphone manufacturers once. The company’s (original) Desire, Nexus One, One X… are rather well known to this day, but at some point, HTC started losing the battle to other companies. This Taiwan-based company is struggling to make a profit out in the market, they just don’t seem to be selling enough smartphones to compete with other companies, not even close. HTC has been trying to change that for quite some time now, and they’ve even entered other tech fields, like VR for example. The company has introduced One A9 and One X9 devices in the last couple of months, but everyone is waiting for their new flagship to launch.

The HTC One M10 will be introduced in the coming weeks, but HTC is also expected to release a smartwatch as well at some point this year. Well, the company’s CEO, Cher Wang, decided to tease the arrival of the company’s smartwatch in an interview during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. “When HTC comes out with a smartwatch, we will turn the industry on its head,” said Cher Wang. She wasn’t all that specific with this statement, but she did confirm that the HTC-branded smartwatch will finally arrive, and according to her, we’re in for a treat. First rumors regarding such product started popping up back in 2013, and to this day HTC still hasn’t released a single smartwatch. In that very same interview, Cher Wang has also teased the ‘compelling camera experience‘ for their new flagship smartphone, which HTC considers to be one of the low points of previous models it seems.

Smartwatch is still a niche product, but we’ve seen tons of those launched in the last year or so, and some of them are extremely compelling. Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatches, in addition to the Huawei Watch, Samsung’s Gear S2, and a number of other offerings from Asus and LG, make for a really compelling list of wearables. HTC obviously has big plans for their smartwatch, but what can they do in order to disrupt the industry? Will their smartwatch be powered by Android Wear or not? Well, we’ll find out an answer to all these questions in the coming months, but releasing a smartwatch without Android Wear on it wouldn’t really make sense for HTC, so they’ll probably include that OS. Either way, stay tuned for further info.