T-Mobile Dusts Off The Bottle For AT&T Drinking Game

January 25, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

T-Mobile’s very name at this point in CEO John Legere’s tenure, for many, will conjure thoughts of radical moves in the wireless space and outlandish things said and done outside of the wireless space. T-Mobile is also openly at war with AT&T and Verizon, branded “The Duopoly” by Legere. For obvious reasons, they’re none too friendly with Sprint, either. After badmouthing both companies, getting into wars on Twitter and generally being himself, few people were surprised to hear that John Legere had seen fit to make a drinking game of Verizon’s recent earnings call. Legere and his crack team of fun-loving wireless execs and workers are at it again; AT&T will be having an earnings call on Tuesday, January 26. According to a press release that included the attached infographic, Legere and his crew will have their drinks of choice ready and are urging tech and wireless industry followers to do the same.

The release sums up Legere’s feelings about the competition quite well; “AT&T and Verizon have lots in common: more love for accountants and lawyers than customers, a fear of T-Mobile and terribly boring and jargon-heavy earnings calls (to name just a few). ” The infographic starts out reasonably enough with the normal jabs a wireless company may be expected to make at another, knocking their growth and innovation practices. Things get a tad crude as the list goes lower, referencing Donald Trump, calling out CEO Randall Stephenson and even implying that AT&T “can’t handle the pressure” of being a part of the growing wireless industry.

By the end of the demographic, T-Mobile has accused AT&T of not having a heart. T-Mobile even goes as far as implying that AT&T are Empire sympathizers by insinuating that their logo is actually the iconic Death Star. As a final blow in a combo of insults, commercial personality Lily is called a “huge upgrade” from the current CEO. T-Mobile and especially Legere have never been big on backing down from a fight, though some may say they’ve taken it a bit far at this point. We can only wait to see AT&T’s retaliation and just how sauced John Legere and cohorts manage to become during this call.