T-Mobile Adds Four new Services to Binge On

January 28, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

While YouTube may not be a fan of T-Mobile’s Binge On, it’s clear that other companies are. Netflix has voiced support, recently, for Binge On. And why shouldn’t they? It means more people are binge watching their content. T-Mobile announced today that video watching on their network, has doubled since launching Binge On back in November. And there’s a pretty big reason as to why that is, customers don’t need to watch their data – especially if they are watching video on a network that is part of Binge On. The carrier also released some new features for Binge On today. While Binge On has always had the option to be on off (although it defaults to being on), T-Mobile has now made it easier to turn it off. In fact, you can do it from your dialer now. Just hit #BNG# in your dialer to check your settings, #BOF# to turn it off or #BON# to turn on Binge On. They’ve also made the option to toggle Binge On on/off much easier on the My T-Mobile website as well as the Android and iOS apps.

On top of all of this, T-Mobile did also announce four new partners for Binge On, bringing the total number of partners to 40 and it’s still growing. The additions today include Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision Now and the WWE Network. Amazon Video might be the most popular of these four, especially since very Amazon Prime user has Amazon Video, and can now stream it on their smartphone on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network absolutely free, without touching your data cap.

As part of their press release today, T-Mobile also noted that Binge On has changed viewing habits of their customers. Claiming that customers with limited high-speed data are watching more than twice as many hours per day from video services than before Binge On. They also mentioned that a major video service (didn’t mention a name, but its likely Netflix) is seeing a 79% jump in daily viewers since Binge On started. Another pretty interesting statistic here, T-Mobile customers have streamed over 34 petabytes of video since Binge On launched a little over 3 months ago. That’s a pretty astounding amount of data, that is completely free.