Star Trek Timelines Materializes On The Play Store

January 14, 2016 - Written By John Anon

It is no secret that Google (or at least a number of its employees) are rather big into Star Trek. It was recently revealed that Google has been working on a number of Star Trek like goodies including their own Star Trek style Communicator. Although, the Communicator is something which unfortunately is a product that will never see the light of day. Well, if you are also a bit of a Trekkie and an Android device owner, then there is already a number of apps available on the Play Store to bring a touch of the Enterprise, Starfleet and LCARS to your Android device. If you are however, on the lookout for a new Android game, then it is worth taking note that a new Star Trek game has now gone live on the Play Store.

The new game is ‘Star Trek Timelines’ and if you have not guessed by the name already, this is a Star Trek themed game which looks to blur the timelines of the franchise. As such, this one offers the option to explore elements from the original Star Trek through to Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Although, the Play Store listing does certainly seem to highlight more of The Next Generation than anything else. This is an RPG style game and one which as you progress through, allows for the unlocking of more Star Trek goodness including additional characters and upgrades to your weaponry, like level ups for your Phasers and so on. You also get the opportunity to command a number of iconic ships including of course, the Enterprise and also the likes of a Kingon Bird of Prey or even a Borg Cube.

The game itself is free to download, although the Play Store listing does note that there are in-app purchases available and they are listed to range in price between $4 and $100, so something to keep in mind. Either way, if you do want to see what the game has to offer or just grab the download, then you can by heading through the link below and over to the Play Store listing. Alternatively, check out some of the image below to see what type of gameplay and content is on offer.