Samsung Launches Messaging App ‘Chat Hub’ For Gear S2

January 15, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung’s Gear S2 is one of the most capable on the market right now and certainly one of the most popular. Although it doesn’t run Android Wear and may have less available apps, there are still quite a few things one can do with the device and now that includes using the previously announced Chat Hub application for the Gear S2 to send messages from your wrist. This should make communication much easier for Gear S2 users if not also a little bit more fun and convenient. If you own a Gear S2, you can grab the app from the Gear store as of now.

Once you have access to the Gear app store to get a hold of Chat Hub for the Gear S2 as well as the Play Store version of Chat Hub for the device you’re connecting to the watch, the app opens doors for simpler and more comprehensive communication. Chat Hub’s strength is allowing the user to chat and send messages through multiple different apps as opposed to just one, so whether you want to talk to a buddy on Facebook’s Messenger app or send a text to your loved ones through Whatsapp, Chat Hub is just that, a hub for all your communication needs likely to help you cut the amount of apps you need for messaging down to one.

Both Chat Hub for the watch and Chat Hub for the phone are free apps to use, and once you have them both installed they should connect up to each other pretty easily after the watch is connected to your phone. You aren’t required to log into Chat Hub like you would be with other messaging apps, and using Chat Hub you can either choose to type message out by hunting and pecking each letter, or you can set up pre-configured messages just like a template to send messages out more quickly if you need to send something fast and on the fly. If you’re a Gear S2 user, giving this app a shot just might make messaging a little easier from your wrist, assuming you didn’t use any other option prior to this offering.