Raumfeld Speakers To Support Google Cast And SoundCloud

January 4, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Raumfeld is known for their audio products but mainly high-powered speakers. Their wireless speakers are able to connect to your smartphone or tablet via wi-fi to stream music from a variety of services such as Tidal, TuneIn, Last.fm, and Spotify. Music can also be streamed throughout your home from a hard drive hooked up to one speaker in the chain. For the moment, this means that services like Google Play Music, iHeart Radio, YouTube and Pandora are left out in the cold. For a multi-room speaker aimed squarely at the audiophile and luxury markets, meant to show that it’s worth more than the Sonos systems it competes with, this is quite a disappointment. DLNA is available on some systems, but this solution still leaves much to be desired in the way of streaming media.

Raumfeld has announced it will be remedying this situation, at least partially. Although straight sound mirroring is still not on board, support for Google Cast and SoundCloud is coming on board. Adding Google Cast support will open up the road for just about any service that’s compatible with Chromecast – Google Play Music, YouTube and Pandora are all fair game, to name a few. As an added bonus, streaming music from a Windows or Linux PC linked up to your phone should be a go after the update. SoundCloud compatibility is also a boon, allowing indie and small-label music through the premium speakers for a dose of irony. Many services remain out in the cold, but the system is capable of receiving in-place updates for the firmware, meaning they could certainly come in due time.

The changes are still in the works as of this writing and are slated for different release dates. While the control app for iOS and Android will be picking up SoundCloud support in time for the new system’s February 1 release date, those wanting Google Cast support will have to wait until later in the year, most likely in Spring. No specific time frame was mentioned for that feature. Not playing nice with streaming services was identified as a major demerit for Ramfeld’s systems early on, meaning this update could very well bring them into the limelight alongside multi-room mainstays.