Misfit Announce Specter Wireless Earphones & Tracker

January 6, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

Misfit is a company that many might be familiar with the US, but for those that aren’t, they’re a brand that offers activity and sleep tracking without the associated cost. Their products are designed to be as simple as possible to use, stylish, convenient and deliver excellent battery life. Up until now, the majority of their products have either been wrist-mounted wearables or little discs that people can wear on their belts or as necklaces. Today, Misfit is mixing things up a little bit and is introducing the Specter, a set of Bluetooth earphones not to be confused with a blockbuster film of the same name.

Specter is a set of wireless earphones, each of which feature dual-driver technology to deliver “high-end sound and useful connected functionality in a gorgeous form factor”. Misfit is looking to coin a new term with the Specter, calling them the first “hearable” product to hit the market. Misfit worked in partnership with 1MORE, an acoustic technology company, and the Specter was developed and is endorsed by Luca Bignardi, 4-time Grammy winner and world-renowned music producer.

As this is a Misfit product, it syncs with Misfit Link to allow control of all sorts of different connected devices such as a Nest Thermostat and connected lighting. It’s also designed to be as convenient as possible, and as we can see in the above image, Misfit have thought about how best to design a wearable set of wireless earphones. Similar to LG’s design with the Tone Infinim, Misfit have a central unit with controls that sits around the neck, but it’s both smaller and can be attached to a piece of clothing. Combined with activity tracking, this is the sort of product that might be good for gym rats as well as those looking to go for a run with their favorite tunes. Pricing and availability for the Specter will be announced “this Spring” as well as ‘additional product details’. There’s one more picture below, and hopefully we’ll get a good look at the Specter, as well as their new wrist-worn tracker, the Ray, on the show floor during CES 2016.

Misfit Specter CES 2016 2