InventionShare Seeking Partners For Improved Semiconductor

January 26, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

OEMs and developers all stand to benefit from just about any technological advance, so it stands to reason that semiconductor companies are always looking to improve and even revolutionize their product portfolios. InventionShare, an invention hedging firm, happens to own the right holdings to put themselves in the semiconductor game and as such, their CEO, Greg Waite, announced a revolutionary new silicon product. Known as Circuit Seed, the new tech is touted as a significant breakthrough and a “game changer” for the cell phone industry. Circuit Seed’s headline feature is the ability to use digital components to process analog signals.

Digital components tend to be more flexible, scalable and accurate than analog components. The product is touted as being low power, scalable, linear, highly sensitive, wide-range and equipped with 20-bit accuracy. In layman’s terms, this all means that these circuits will be easy to design and implement, cost-efficient, power-efficient and have better processing capabilities than current silicon. For consumers, the implications are fairly huge. Just about every tech field stands to benefit somewhat, but the product’s benefits to the mobile space are quite numerous. The optimizations will obviously vary by manufacturer, but users of future mobile devices using Circuit Seed tech will likely see better device performance overall, better camera resolution, better audio, better battery life, better signal, better touch response and perhaps even lower overall device cost. This should also allow faster development, as well as easier testing and support for OEMs.

Waite points out the demand for the new tech, saying  “Semiconductor companies are always looking for ways to support Manufacturers’ ever increasing demands to make products that are smaller, lighter, faster – products that consume less power, give off less heat and that are easier, quicker and less expensive to design, manufacture and test. They want products with fewer parts that offer higher reliability and lower total product costs.” Circuit seed is built with all of this in mind. The press release also touched on testing, stating that, “Simulation and silicon test results have demonstrated a dramatic reduction in power, better performance and higher accuracy, all with small integrated circuit footprints.” As InventionShare is still in search of partners, there have been no announcements of what tech the Circuit Seed may appear in or when.