IMDb Receives Material Design Refresh In latest Version

January 28, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

For years, the go-to place for information on movies and television shows as well as the actors and actresses that play in them has been IMDb. It’s a rather hefty library of data in anything and everything you could ever want to know about any piece of film or TV, whether they be new or old. You can find everything from the full cast list to full filmographies of specific actors or actresses, and you can even view trailers for most media that can be found on the service. If you’re a movie buff, this is likely a favorite place for you to visit, and it’s been possible to do so from the Android app for quite some time.

The difference now is that IMDb has just started pushing out an app update which is bringing in some changes to the visual appearance, finally introducing a material design to the user interface as so many apps before it already have. If you’ve been using the IMDb app for a while you’ll notice the subtle changes like the hamburger menu button now floating away from the edge inside of the action bar, and the search bar now looks more material instead of more inspired by the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly bean days.

When you open up the hamburger menu it also now extends over the action bar up top and slightly touches the status bar where before the action bar was covering up the hamburger menu. Other subtle yet still noticeable changes like the overflow menu have been tweaked and are now three circular dots instead of three tiny squares, and the page that appears when you click on a specific movie or TV show, or rather any content page, is now displayed with a white background instead of a dark grayish background. Other small tweaks like the star rating and “rate this” button are now a little bit smaller, and the metascore is now more visible as it sits just under those two. This update started hitting the Play Store yesterday so if you already have IMDb installed there is likely chance the app has already updated on your device. If not, you can download the apk for the latest version below.

Download IMDb ver. apk