Google Play Newsstand Gets Subtle Layout Changes

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google Play Newsstand, one of our favorite apps for reading news, is getting an update soon. However, that update is not yet available on the Play Store. But the app is seeing a rather subtle update already, with the article pages within the app. If you’re not a power user of Play Newsstand, the changes are so subtle you may not even notice them. The changes include the title now is centered on the article page. With a small horizontal line and the publications name below it in bold. Along with the article’s author and how long ago it was posted below that. Not a big change, but compared to the previous version of Play Newsstand it does look quite nice.

That’s not all though, Play Newsstand has also changed up the images in the article layout. Previously, for some publications, Play Newsstand was unable to determine what image was the header image. And with some it would duplicate the image. However that issue appears to be solved now. As the first image is being used as the header image and shown at the top of the article layout now. Although something we are noticing with articles that have multiple images, is that the first one isn’t always being shown as the header image. Take this Android Wear article for example. The Nexus 6P that Play Newsstand shows, is actually at the bottom of the article not the top.

There is not a new version of Google Play Newsstand available just yet -although judging by their Play Store changelog, it looks like there is one coming soon. This is a server-side change. However it appears that opening the app will flip the switch for you. We were able to do so on multiple devices as well as other readers experiencing the same. So that’s a quick server-side change there for the Play Newsstand app. It still has that nice material design, and now the article pages look even nicer. If you haven’t already, make sure you add us on Play Newsstand to keep up with all of the news!