Deal: Quick Charge 2.0 Chargers For $7 & $8 W/Code, 1/28/16

January 28, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Battery life on smartphones is getting better than it used to be from just a few years ago, and even when battery life could be a little better thanks to the advancements in charging technology like Quick Charge 2.0, it only takes around 15 minutes or so to get more than a few hours of battery life. Your phone will have to support Quick Charge 2.0 of course, and the charger you plug it into will also need to support the standard. These types of chargers can range from $30 – $50 but right now you can pick up two different Quick Charge 2.0 chargers on sale right now for just $8.99 and $17.99, and on top of that you can save a little more money by entering in promo codes.

The Quick Charge 2.0 dual-USB port wall charger from Omaker comes with one Quick Charge 2.0 port and one A port that charges at 5V/2.4A. Both ports will charge devices that don’t support QC 2.0 and thanks to the intelligent detection technology inside, the ports will charge your device as fast as possible based on how quick of a charge your device can handle. If you enter promo code 8DHVRYA6 at checkout you can pick this up for $7 instead of $8.99. The other charger on offer is the Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 3-port USB car charger, which carries one QC 2.0 charging port and two 5V/2.4A ports with Volt IQ that can intelligently detect how fast of a charge your device can handle. If you enter promo code 3USBCHAR atcheckout you can pick this up for $8 instead of the $17.99 price. Both chargers come with their own micro USB cable.

Buy The Omaker QC2.0 2-Port Wall Charger - $7 W/Code Buy The Tronsmart QC2.0 3-Port Car Charger - $8 W/code