Deal: Pay What You Want: Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle – 1/25/16

January 25, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If you’ve been looking into becoming a mobile developer – since mobile is obviously the future of technology – then you’ll definitely want to check out this bundle. It’s a “Pay what you want” bundle, which means you can pay as little or as much as you want  for this bundle. And 10% of the proceeds go to charity. With this bundle, the charity of choice is Save the Children, definitely a nice charity to give too. There are ten courses available here, and if you pay less than the average, you’ll get 8 of the ten courses. But if you pay more than the average – which is currently sitting at $8.75 – then you get all ten courses for that price.

Now the courses you get in this bundle include Learn Android Development from Scratch, Learn Swift Programming Step by Step, Learn to Build Mobile Games using Unity 3D, Projects in HTML5, The Ultimate Android Course for Complete Beginners, Learn iOS 8 Mobile App Design & Make Top Money, Create a Native App for your WordPress Website in 8 days and Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: UK & UI Design from Scratch. Now if you pay more than the average, you also get these two courses, Monetize your App: Major Advertising Networks, and the Complete Android Lollipop App Development Course.

Pay What You Want: Mobile-First Developer's Bundle