Deal: Martian Notifier Smartwatch – $35.99

January 11, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The Martian Notifier Smartwatch isn’t your typical smartwatch. It doesn’t feature any apps like Android Wear and the Apple Watch do. Instead it can show you notifications from your smartphone. It currently supports hundreds of apps on your smartphone, and can send you custom vibration alerts. The Martian Notifier can also snap pictures using the remote trigger found on the smartwatch. Additionally you are able to set up to 5 individual or recurring alarms for the smartwatch. There is also a location feature, where you’ll be alerted on your wrist when you are walking away from your smartphone. Additionally you can access a world clock and see what time it is in other parts of the world. Finally, you can check local weather conditions straight from the watch as well.

So it’s not quite the same smartwatch as what you’ve seen from the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Huawei, but it still does provide some nifty features. Those that just want app notifications and not the full blown app on your wrist, the Martian Notifier is definitely a nice choice. Right now it’s going for just $35.99 as well. Making it much cheaper than the other watches out there. It’ll be available for $35.99 through January 17th.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch