Deal: Fitbit Charge HR For $109.99

January 12, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Fitness Trackers can not only help you track your activity stats for walking, running, steps taken, calories burned and more, but they also help keep you on track for your fitness goals and can help you get fit and stay fit. There are a range of different trackers available all with different features, styles and price points, although many of them with a lot of functionality can be well over $150. The Fitbit Charge HR for example is capable of tracking all those activities listed above and more, plus it comes with an integrated heart rate sensor for tracking your continuous heart rate. Normally it goes for about $189.99, but you can pick it up on sale right now for just $109.99.

Aside from the heart rate sensor, the Fitbit Charge HR comes equipped with a small OLED display that shows your stats, as well as an altimeter, 3-axis accelerometer, and a vibration motor. The tracker falls asleep when you do to prevent the screen from waking any time you move during sleep, and during this time it monitors your sleep patterns. You can also use it to set silent alarms to wake you in the morning. Battery life lasts for about five days, and it only takes an hour or two to charge back up to full. Paired with the smartphone app, the Fitbit Charge HR provides a pretty robust system for tracking and meeting your fitness goals.

Buy The Fitbit Charge HR - $109.99